LoaderConfig allows you to create Evox menu items for loading
different BFM BIOSes. Pass the path to the Phoenix loader
and the name of the config file to use.

Warning: boot.cfg will be overwritten, so back it up.

Put your configs in the folder with the Phoenix loader.
The syntax is like so:

Item "Load TATX BIOS","e:\Apps\LoaderConfig\LoaderConfig.xbe",ID_CMD,"e:\Apps\PhoenixBiosLoader tatx.cfg"

In the above example:

ITEM "Load TATX BIOS" = The text which will be displayed in
the menu.

"e:\Apps\LoaderConfig\LoaderConfig.xbe" = the path to

ID_CMD = I don't know what this is, but I suppose it tells
Evox an arg string follows.

"e:\Apps\PhoenixBiosLoader tatx.cfg" = the args passed to
This could be built into the Phoenix loader, but I'm not
quite masochistic enough to do it with the gcc compiler.