UnXiP 0.1 - by MaTiAz

Based on PIXIT 0.5 sources by Voltaic.

It just simply extracts an XIP archive. Nothing more.


unxip.exe -extract [unxip-path] [default.xip]

Just type this in the console(not in the Xbox!!), or more familiar, The MS-DOS prompt.
But, remember to write the path for extracted files instead of [unxip-path] and
the desired XIP filename instead of [default.xip]!

About the sources

I decided to give the sources out because Voltaic did it with PIXIT(and this
app is based on it!). Yes, it would be stupid to make a closed-source application
from a open-source one.

Thanks to:

Voltaic for his PIXIT/WinXIP/great research job on hacking the M$ dash.
XanTium for his X-S(www.xbox-scene.com) site/forums/tutorials.
Free-X for their great/cool/awesome exploits.
Divineo UK for delivering my modchip to my home in Finland.
Team Xecuter for their great modchips/X2 BIOSes.
Xbins for the greatest Xbox-related FTP.
XFactorDev.net/XBDev.net for their great coding tutorials(but i didnt understand their code :)
Micro$oft for their greatest videogame console ever! It is fun to hack that console :D !
T'ulkas for his nice boXplorer app.
Complex team for their cool cracked 4627 Debug BIOS.
Twonjosh for telling me where to get XDK.
And thanks to those who i may have forgotten...

MaTiAz thanks them all...

email MaTiAz_The_Newbie@hotmail.com !NO SPAMMING!

Suggestions, bug reports and something other are welcome. EXCEPT SPAM!!

And im not a good coder so no suggestions like "You could port that tool to Linux/Solaris/
Xbox/Windows Codename Longhorn/blablaOS!" or "Why dont you make a gui for that tool?".
I can answer now to the last question, like this "Im not good coder(i dont understand
those WinMain things/Direct3D. I can make a front-end for it with VB but i dont
feel like it now so i let someone other guy do it."