**** changelog 0.47 REPACK! **** 

Added launch.png which was forgotten in the original 0.47 release
Renamed the spanish language file to espanol.ini

**** changelog 0.47 **** 

Made Avalaunch look a helluvalot better...
Added ability to turn off freespace for ftp root entries (XML attribute: showrootfreespace="0" or "1")
Added ability to disable ftp cache (XML attribute: cache="0" or "1")
Added ability to generate log of ftp activity for debugging (XML attribute: log="0" or "1")
Fixed buggy server's CWD command (rewrote)
Fixed explorer FTP errors, seems to work fine now
Fixed a bunch of FTP command issues
Fixed live & static network setup
Added some special SITE commands for Devenic's xISO xFER
Added critical section objects for mutual-exclusion synchronization between threads to avoid possible crashbugs
Added ZIP support
Added IR-Remote sensitivity to the XML configuration file
Added screen saver settings to the XML configuration file
Added override icons attribute to the XML configuration file
Added audio player settings to the XML configuration file
Added movie player settings to the XML configuration file
Added APOD settings to the XML configuration file (Astronomy Picture Of The Day)
Added '/' as the default folder when adding new FTP server entries
Switched to Adepts mp3 player and rewrote the entire sound-system due to Adepts weird implementation;)
Fixed passive move
Fixed timeout problem causing failure to detect disconnection
Fixed bug causing scanlevel attribute in XML to be ignored
Fixed some MP3 optimizations that seemed to be a cpu-hog.  When playing mp3 - it's possible you'll experience slower ftp transfers.  Test it out as you go.
Fixed more HDD issues with defrag engine.  
Added a basic SCANDISK feature, disabled for now since the use is quite not there - and a bit risky still.
Added m00 language (thanks to jse - who else?)
Added support for clock syncronisation using SNTP servers
Added SNTP settings to the XML configuration file
Fixed bug causing Avalaunch only to download one save game
Fixed bug when applying save games for games that hasn't been run yet
Rewrote about/credits
Fixed possible crash bug in auto updater
Added some more logic to avoid re-reading information about the DVD when displaying DVD icon in the main menu
Fixed bug causing IR-Remote not to work properly when no controllers are connected
Added default menu when XML is corrupt or missing
Added quick launch recovery mode that loads default settings only (hold Y+A+BACK during boot)
Fixed bug causing all manual items appear after the auto generated items when composing the menu lists
Changed default background image file to background.png (will load background.jpg if the png file is not present)
Changed background image to menu.png (when in the main menu)
Changed background image to launch.png (when launching applications)
Changed some colours in the settings menus
Moved the cube a bit further down the screen

*** Don't use the autoupdater to get this file. TJ is on vacation, so I can't get it updated. ***