!!!!!!!!!!                 WARNING               !!!!!!!!!!

Don't use this tool if you have no way to recover from a 
bad flash! I have tested it, but not every possible BIOS 
patch. A bogus profile entry will either cause the 
patcher to fail, or hose the BIOS file.

Use this software at your own risk.

Thanks to Paul Bartholomew for xbflash, to superfro for 
his BIOS mods, and to k3rn3l and MomDad for ideas, 
info and support. Thanks to SantMat for his ultra-smooth
no-animation patch. Without these people, XBtool would, at 
best, be much less functional than it is, and, at worst, 
Extracts, compiles, and patches XBOX BIOS/kernel files.

You'll need to supply your own RC4 key for older BIOSes. If
you are working with a BIOS which works with both the old 
xbox and the "1.1" xbox then you don't need an RC4 key.

The DVD checkbox is used to disable the DVD check so that 
the Xbox will boot with no DVD drive installed. This might 
be useful if your DVD drive is dead.
About the new boot options in 1.0.1

!!!!!!!! WARNING EXPERIMENTAL !!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!

Back-slashes can be used for dashes in subfolders.

X2 BIOSes have 3 partions options. It'll try to boot the
top one first and then go on to the next one if the dash
isn't found on that partition, then the next... Each dash
pathname can be up to 128 character long.

Evox has two boot partition/dash choices. The second dash
name can be 18 characters long.

I tested using a backslash in the name on an evox dash and
was able to boot a dashboard in a subfolder. I haven't
tested this on an X2 BIOS, but I assume it will work.
XBtool checks the file foldername lengths, but not for
valid characters.
This is a beta. Expect bugs. If you 
don't like bug then don't use beta software.

Things to do:

-Better documentation.

-Some docs for developers
Bug reports to [email protected]

I need good feedback if anyone suspects a bug. Bug reports
like, "Sometimes xbtool makes bad bioses," are not
helpful. If you suspect XBtool made a bad BIOS, reload
that BIOS into XBtool and see if it reads ok. Then note
the settings and include them in your report. If possible,
try to see if the bug is repeatable. I may ask to see a
bad BIOS file, but please don't send any unless I ask. 


-Removed dash name pooling and just moved dash names by
 expanding the kernel size.

-x2 Dash names can now be up to 128 characters each.

-Dash file/folder name length checking.

--Not thoroughly tested (use at your own risk).


-Fixed: crash on loading x2 4976.*.


-Dash names are pooled (see boot info above).

The flash packing/unpacking code is based on 
Paul Bartholomew's xbflash util.