July 24 2003

Media X Menu 0.9n.2

Please stop by the forums at Xbox-Scene.com to report any issues in the MXM forum.

Tutorials located at:  http://www.writersgallery.com/MXM/TUT

Beta 0.9n.2 (Bug Fixes)
* Fixed FTP reconnection issue (non-random ports generated for PASV - "rand()" wasn't working)
* Fixed Xbox Version not showing up for some people.
* Dunno... newsfeeds weren't cycling. I suspect a bug in the compiler optimizations - it suddenly started working.
* Hmmm... changed some of the newsfeed stuff. Should  work on more feeds?
* Added a bit more game information (Content Size)
* Added Music Volume to preferences
* Moved DVD menu option
* Added the ability to screenshot in menus and messageboxes (Right-Trigger + "X")
* Added a few more Preferences options (Saver delay, "Remove" menu options)
* Re-arranged the skin loading a bit to fix a couple minor issues (seems to be faster now, too)
* Fixed bug in AppMenu (which drives the "Y" System Menus) that sometimes prevented a submenu from working.
* Added "Emulators" to the Apps and Games style auto-config
* Clarified options specific to "AutoCfg" menus
* Added No Demos and Default.xbe options
* Fixed (I hope) issues when global soundtracks were uninitialized on the Xbox
* Added "Use Internal Skins" Option while re-arranging some preference menus.
* Added <MusicEnable> tag to Layout nodes in skins (to disable music in a layout)