OzXChip & Team OzX
				      proudly present 
				       OzXBios v2.12dev
 		         (based on The XBox Linux Project's Cromwell)

  				       8th July 2003

OzXBios (Cromwell) is a customized version of the Cromwell bios for distribution with the OzXChip modchip, it has been changed to incorporate a modchip flashing feature that requires a CD with BIOS.BIN to be inserted in the XBox's DVD-Rom drive. Once a CD is inserted into the drive the bios looks for a BIOS.BIN file and if it is found it will flash this onto the modchip (provided it has flash support in the bios for the modchip type), if the BIOS.BIN file is not found (or is the wrong size) the bios will attempt to boot Linux off the CD.


The use of OzXBios (Cromwell) bios to flash your modchip is entirely your responsibility, any misuse of the flashing feature could result in your console being left inoperable and will require your modchip to be flashed with an external programmer.

The flashing feature of OzXBios (Cromwell) has only been tested  with the OzXChip (http://www.ozxchip.com), but will support other modchip devices but use it at your own risk. Please read all instructions fully before attempting to use this feature.

 How to use OzXBios

Step 1 - Creating the Bios CD

- Ensure that the bios file you wish to use of an appropriate size for your modchip.
  (eg. OzXChip and other cheapmods require a 256k bios file and Xecuter 2 Lite requires a 1Mb file.)

- Make a copy of the bios file you wish to use and rename this copy to BIOS.BIN

- Select a CD or DVD media compatible with your XBox's DVD-Rom.

- Burn the BIOS.BIN file onto a CD.
  (For Nero select the following settings, No Multisession, ISO Level 1, Format Mode 1, ISO 9660,        Deselect Joliet, Finalize CD, Disc-At-Once/96)

  (Screenshots PDF file released with this readme.txt)

  (You should add several megabytes of files to the CD to ensure it is read properly.)

Step 2 - Flashing with OzXBios (Cromwell)

- Turn your XBox console ON, when the DVD-Rom tray ejects please insert your BIOS.BIN CD and close the   tray. During the flashing process the power LED will stay solid RED.

- When the flashing procedure is complete the XBox should shut down, if it does not do not turn off     the console until the power LED is solid Orange.

- If your modchip is writeprotected or the programming fails you will be informed by error messages on   screen as well as the power LED flashing Red and Green (FRAG).

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Consoles should have the cover installed when booting Cromwell to ensure air flow is maintained. Boot problems and video fragmentation have been identified when the console heats up if the cover is not fitted!

 More Information

Help for the use of OzXBios is available in our message forums thread at

If you experiance problems with media compatibility checkout the following link on our forums.

Please ensure you read the disclaimer at http://www.ozxchip.com/disclaimer.htm

Come in and hang out in the #ozxchip channel on EFNet.

 Future Releases

This release of OzXBios has been tested on both V1.0 and V1.1 XBox consoles (should be fine on V1.2), with rumours of a v1.3 motherboard and new RC4 key a future release will be required. Bug fixes etc are sure to follow.

 Compatibility Issues

- Video fragmentation may occur in some circumstances and is an error of the Cromwell bios. This   fragmentation usually occurs because the console temperature is high. Allow some time for it to cool   down and ensure the console's cover is fitted to provide correct airflow.

- Although not tested by Team OzX, the bios should support modchips with the following flash/eeprom   AMD - Am29F080B, FUJITSU - MBM29F080A, Hynix - HY29F080, ST - M29F080A, SST - SST49LF020, Sharp - LHF08CH1, Winbond - W49F020 and AMD - Am29LV800B.


The Mad Maragan (The_Mad_M) for the customization to Cromwell.
FlexyZ for his contribution (particularly the nice colored bars).
OzShadow, Wilber Washbucket & The Tadpolean for testing and assistance.
XBox Linux Team for Cromwell which OzXBios is based on.


V2.12dev - Based on V2.12dev of Cromwell which makes it heaps more reliable.
V1.26a - Original alpha release, it seems to work great! Time will tell!    :-)


HorneyDVL, [IC]Jokko, Lehner Franz, Edgar Hueck, MomDad, [Zeus], swolsten, Artifex, tjfontaine, Iriez, loser, PheoniX, GreenGiant, BCIcdrz, Cr4zi3, legacy, Akashra, Nghtshd and all those who we have missed.

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