Connect4 1.1

Added network support!!
You can now play connect4 over the internet.
One player must host then the other player can join.
The host must have some sort of TCP port farwarding on the router/PC. So the Client can connect to your Xbox.
It is using blocking winsocks. This makes the game look frozen when it isn't your move.
Also when the player disconnects from the game. You will have to reboot your Xbox as it will just sit there waiting for the next move. I tried to to stop this but couldn't.
This is my first winsock/internet project and it was fun so expect more of the same.
I have to look into non-blocking socks as I think is sux a bit with it freezing all the time.


Jippie & Novahux

PS big thx goes to Wishi & PeterGabe from

Second release from team Jippie & Novahux(23-06-03).

The rules for connect-four are simple. 
The game is played on an upright seven column board. Each column has six spots. Two players play by alternately dropping a chip down one of the columns. The chip drops to the lowest unoccupied spot in that column. The first player to get four chips in a row, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, wins. The game ends in a stalemate if it fills before someone wins. 

Still no sound, having real problems. I want to try and make a class that can play wma/wav/midi/sgt files.
That works on both PC and Xbox, but what I see the PC & Xbox seem to be very different.
I found a simple class that does just that at code project(,
But I wasted a lot of time on it and got nowhere.

Oh well, I hope I sort it out soon :-(

Games on the way....

Boxes - check the website, as this one is next maybe(having problem with AI)
Chess - nothing complex, just a simple version.
Othello - same.
After these I hope to start getting more in to 3D. It's just I like to program and these games can be reproduced quicky when life/work gives me the time to do it....

This site goes down a lot by the look of things. Keep trying I like to hear from others.

BTW Novahux has just updated the site looks pretty cool now :-)


Jippie & Novahux