xISO xFER 2.02 Changes

Added Features:

 * Load/Save Batch
    - You can now save a batch and load it later
    - Saves all batch options (like new title, etc.)

 * Avalaunch-specific support
    - Requires Avalaunch 0.47 or later
    - Supports enable/disable of FTP cache
    - Refreshes menu after transferring entire batch or ISO

 * Command-line parameter support
    - ISO files can be loaded via the command line
    - Batches can be loaded via the command line
    - Allows the "Open With" feature in Windows to be used

 * Pause button
    - Not the permanent solution
    - Could timeout on some dashboard FTP servers


 * Fixed a problem that kept some newer ISOs from working
    - ISO files finally started using LTable entries
    - If an LTable entry was used, it could confuse xFER

 * Removed newer patching technique (didn't work properly)

 * Fixed a z-order problem that could hide message dialogs

 * Invalid filenames list will now resize properly

Official website:

  Homepage: http://www.nadox.se/xfer
  Forums:   http://www.nadox.se/xfer/forum