*Add dist-bzip2 option 'Makefile.am'.

 *Add basic thread for all xbox job 'gthread.c'.
 *FIXED icon directory after make install 'interface.c'.
 *FIXED FtpStat command using mkstemp beside mktemp 'FtpStat.c'.
 *Add clistxb interactivity 'callbacks.s'.
 *Add rename and delete button, and working on local/xbox 'callbacks.s'.
 *Add a delete widget 'interface.c'
 *Change to new version of extract-xiso 'extract-xiso-v2.1.c'.
 *Add gthread.c for thread support in big jog (extract compress refresh).

 *Finish untestand and using ligftp function gftp in 'gftp-text.c'.
 *Adjust interface 'interace.c'.
 *Add a rename widget 'interface.c'
 *Add option Verbose on/off 'xbgm.h'.
 *Add funtionality Backing up Xbox system dir so the /C dir 'gftp-text.c'.
 *Start adding new menu entry Tools 'interface.c'.
 *Add libftp-5.0.1.modified.by.in for extract-xiso code
	'in libftp-5.0.1.modified.by.in/ dir'.
 *Add listing xbox from xbox preferences settings temporaly in 'callbacks.c'. 
 *Add liggftp for xbox GUI 'in lib/ dir'.
 *Add file gftp-text.c to src dir, for advanced parsing ls by ftp.
 *Add basic xbox clist view 'callbacks.c'

 *Done init progressbar 'callbacks.c'.
 *Add icon to main app widget 'interface.c'.
 *Add init and test progressbar 'callbacks.c'.
 *Add default value to create_pref() widget 'interface.c'
 *Add/Done xiso-info showing nbfiles et nbbytes of each xiso in frame 'callbacks.c, info-xiso.c'
 *Add check in create_pref() widget to checks existing config value or to put default 'interface.c'.
 *Add statusbar and handle message in it 'interface.c'.
 *Add log textentry in frame 'interface.c, callbacks.c'.	
 *Add progressbar in frame 'interface.c'.	
 *Done with Glist et Clist handling in 'callback.c'.

 *New GUI made with glade-2, using gnome2.x lib.

 *Official project made on sourceforge xbgm
 *Change to new version of extract-xiso v1.4
 *Add free space disk information in size and %free 'update.c'.
 *Add scan_compter(), to check iso or rar file, in specify directory 'scan.c'.
 *Add extract-xiso V1.2

 *Add pref widget, to set config 'interace.c'.
 *Add gnome_config function to use config file 'callbacks.c interace.c conf.c'.
 *Add about widget, to show some stupid information 'interface.c'.
 *Fist GUI made with glade, using gnome1.x lib.