MAMEoX v0.71.2b (VC7 only)

Distilled change log:

- Enabled writeback caching for > 64 megs (Games should be 
  playable on 128mb Xboxes)

- Exiting from a ROM to the ROM list should now be MUCH faster. 
  For some, this was taking from 10 seconds to several minutes.

- Added code to allow 4 ROM paths

- Changed it so romstatus.xml file is only parsed when scanning
  for new ROMs. This decreases load time between ROMs for large
  XML files.

- Added public function to force reload the rom status file

- Fixed Backup feature (yet again, this is what, the 3rd time
  I broke it? I'm still surprised that people use it :))

- Added code to allow 4 ROM paths

- Changed the text for "problem ROM" filters

- Changed backup feature to use CopyFile, as it was broken in 
  the change to multiple ROM paths (break #4 :)). For some 
  reason MoveFile craps out when I try to move across 
  partitions (or maybe just different logical drive letters)