WinXap 0.1.6

[What is WinXap?]////////////////////////

This application allows you to easily add/modify menus for use with the Microsoft Dashboard.
Designed for newbies, who dont want to edit manually the dashboard.

[Info] //////////////////////////////////////////

#Directory should contain WinXap.exe, Pixit.exe, WinXap.ini (remembers your last menu config), and the read me files for both WinXap and Pixit.
#All of your dashboard xips. need to be in the same folder, as well as the xbe. (For this version, it only supports named "Xboxdash.xbe")
#This application makes use of settings menu hack, so your settings area in your dashboard will be instead "Launch Menu". Backup your current Dashboard
	before using this in case you want to change settings at a later time.
#Currently Tested on WindowsXP with Dashboard that is xboxdashdata.1012a700. Please use an unmodified set of xip files/xboxdash. (Becuase there are many
	dashpatches out there, and this program "may" conflict with them.
#Currently only 1 level menus, no submenus this version.


1. Obviously you've extracted WinXap.rar or you wouldn't be reading this document.
2. Ensure that WinXap.exe, Pixit.exe, WinXap.ini are all contained in the folder with WinXap.EXE.
3. Designate all necessary xips and xboxdash.xbe into a folder anywhere on your PC.
4. Run the program, and select the working directory that contains the files in step #3.
5. Click Go!
6. Presented with a sample menu. ** The path of these items may not reflect the paths of these items on your xbox. Edit as necessary.
7. 5 buttons: 	Create New > adds new item.....
		Delete > Deletes selected item.....
		UpArrow > sets priority of item Higher....
		DownArrow > sets priority Lower.....
		Finish > Compiles the current menu.
8. After Clicking Finish your updated files will be created in the application directory in folder named "\Upload"
9. You only need to upload these files to your xbox.
10. That's it, upload and boot your dashboard.

[Partition Info]///////////////////////////

C:\ = Partition2
E:\ = Partition1
F:\ = Partition6
X:\ = Partition3
Y:\ = Partition4
Z:\ = Partition5
D:\ = CDRom0

Launch Path Example : /E/Apps/Evox/  =  \\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition1\\Apps\\Evox\\

Obviously not responsible if you fould up your dashboard. Make a backup, just in case. Follow instructions. Nuff Said.

Voltaic : For obvious reasons. Pixit has changed the lives of those who attempt to dashboard hack.
VulgusProfanum: This individual broke some things open in the early phases, and continues to make strides.