Ed's Debian release 0.3.1
007 style
May 6, 2003

Mini-HOWTO: Installing Ed's Debian distro using Habibi's 007auf hack.

What you need:
   Unmodded XBOX.
   Ethernet network with at least one other computer.
   A way to get files onto an XBox memory card.
   A copy of the game "007: Agent under Fire"
   A USB keyboard.
   An Xbox -> USB adapter. see (http://www.lik-sang.com or 

Step 1)
	Copy the files from the "memcard" directory to an XBox memory card
	If you have access to a modified XBox,  various utilities allow this.  
	Copy everything from the 4541000d directory to the memory card.  This 
	can also be done with the product from http://www.megaxkey.com.
	It may also be possible use an Xbox memcard kernel module combined
	with FATX filesystem support on a normal computer.  I just haven't 
	tried it.

Step 2)
	Start the Xbox to the dashboard. Copy the 007 gamesave from the memory 
	card to the harddisk.

Step 3)
	Start the 007auf game.  Load Mission from the Xbox Hard Disk. This
	should boot the Xbox Linux Live distribution.  You now have a
	minimal Linux distribution working on an umodded XBox. Login as
	user "root" password "xbox"

Step 4)
	Get the network up and running.  The default IP number is
	You may have to change it depending on your network.
		# ifconfig eth0

Step 5)
	Copy all the files in "harddisk" directory to the XBox gamesave
	partition.  The partition is already mounted in /media/E.
	Use the "wget" command the copy the files over ftp or http.
	Samba is also available to copy from a samba or Windows share.

		# cd /media/E
		# mount.smbfs // /mnt \
		> -o username:joe,password:abc123
		# cp /mnt/007distro/harddisk/* .

Step 6)
	Copy a new configuration so the 007auf hack will boot the installation
		# cp /media/E/linuxboot.cfg /media/E/UDATA/4541000d/000000000000
		# reboot

Step 7)
	Do 007auf trick again to boot to the installation environment.
	Load Mission for the Xbox Hard Disk.

Step 8)
	Xwindows should startup to a login screen.  Username "root" password 
	"xbox".	 Start a terminal window.  Run the XBOXLinuxInstall script.
	The distribution will copy to a read/write partition.
	It will also copy a new linuxboot.cfg to boot to the new partition.
		# /sbin/XBOXLinuxInstall
		# reboot

Step 9)
	Do the 007auf trick again.  You should boot to a Debian installation.
	Do the 007auf whenever you want to use Linux.

	You can't open the dvd tray or the Xbox will reboot.  Get files over
	the network.

	The version of xromwell used is known to be unstable on some Xboxes.
	A newer xromwell will be available later.

	If something goes wrong, you can copy the 007 save from the memory card
	to the hard disk and try to fix it from the Live distribution. 
	When done, copy the linuxboot.cfg from /media/E back to 

	You can mount the installation from Live distribution with
		# mount -o loop /media/E/rootfs /mnt
		# mount /dev/discs/disc0/part2 /mnt

	You can delete the installrootfs and installinitrd.gz files when done.