Avalaunch 0.49.3 Patched (Update 1)

A patched version of Avalaunch 0.49.3 that connects to new servers and contains fixes

This update fixes a clock bug in Avalaunch that we were made aware of.

Avalaunch has a feature that resets the clock on startup if it detects that it's invalid. If your clock is 
set to any date before 2003, it will reset it to 2003. It's sort of like how the latest version of UnleashX 
sets it's date and time to 2007 if it detects that the Xbox's clock is set to a year before 2007. 

This feature has a bug however. If the date on the Xbox is set to a year after 2019, it will think the date is 
invalid and reset it. This is ok if you have an NTP server setup in Avalaunch already since it'll just set the 
date and time on startup anyway, but if your console isn't connected to the internet or you don't have an NTP 
server setup, then each time Avalaunch starts, your clock will be set to 2003. 

The bug has now been fixed, so your console's date won't be reset.

By the way, we finally got the game save downloader working! You can now download saves onto your Xbox from the 
dashboard. We still don't have the Rainbow Six 3 map downloader working, but we hope to get it running soon.

To install, simply copy the xbe to where you have Avalaunch installed, replacing the old one
The update is available for download from the dashboard if you're already using the patched version 
Go to the Settings and then select Update Dashboard to update it
If you don't have Avalaunch, download the original Avalaunch 0.49.3 and replace it's xbe with this one

Thanks to a user on Reddit for notifying me about the clock bug. Also thanks to MrTime for working with us 
on fixing it

We'd also like to thank everyone that's been using the patch. Even if it's just a few of you, it's appreciated