A patched version of Avalaunch 0.49.3 that connects to new servers, so downloading skins, apps, game saves, 
and Rainbow Six 3 custom maps now works, along with dashboard updating, and the Astronomy Picture of the 
Day feature.
(Game save and Rainbow Six 3 map downloading features don't work currently as of writing this, but they 
no longer freeze or say that they're unable to connect. A new update will not need to be released for 
them to work. When we get them working, you'll be able to use them from this version or any other 

It also fixes the issue of the dashboard changing the Xbox's network settings everytime the dashboard is 
loaded. This is common with some of these dashboards. This usually isn't an issue, but if you have a 
custom DNS set to connect to an Xbox Live replacement server for example like Insignia, the dashboard will 
change the DNS settings to Automatic whenever it's loaded. It will write it's own network settings to the 
Xbox, overwriting the previous settings that were set with another dashboard like the MS Dashboard. 

The dashboard will no longer do that. The only real issue with this patch is that now Avalaunch's network 
IP settings are basically turned off. Any IP settings that you edit in it such as the DNS settings, IP, 
gateway, etc. will not be applied. They'll be written to Avalaunch's config, but they don't actually do 
anything. You can only toggle the network to turn it on or off, use a proxy, and set an NTP server to 
have the dashboard to connect to for applying the date and time. The DHCP/Static and IP settings for the 
gateway and DNS, etc. do not work. It will just use the network settings from the console, and will not 
change it. This isn't really an issue though. Avalaunch will still be able to connect to the internet using the
console's network IP settings.

All other network features like FTP, IRC, etc. will still work. Only the dashboard's IP settings won't.
If you need to change your Xbox's network settings, you can just use the MS Dashboard or another
dashboard. Preferably the MS Dashboard, or one that is a little better about network settings, like XBMC.

This is an unfortunate issue with some of these older dashboards, as they do not always keep the network 
settings that are set on the Xbox, and instead replace it with their own without confirming. 
This was not an issue back then as people were fine with just setting the network settings from custom 
dashboards, and didn't need to really change DNS settings just to connect to Xbox Live, or they didn't go 
online at all. Now with an Xbox Live server available by setting a DNS setting, we're now seeing the 
effects. Editing the dashboard config to the settings that you'd want would be enough to get it to not 
change settings, but it just becomes a mess really. We would provide an xbe that does not contain this 
network patch if for whatever reason anyone does want to use Avalaunch for managing their network settings, 
but it complicates things a little more for everyone. We don't think many people will be changing their 
network settings in Avalaunch anyway.
We're limited to what we can do without the source code, so this network patch will have to do.
If we ever find a better way of going about this, we'll release an update, but for now this will do.

So long story short, to keep things simple, just manage your network settings with the MS Dashboard, or 
another one like XBMC.

Copy the provided xbe to where you have Avalaunch installed. If you do not have a copy of Avalaunch, go
ahead and download it.
Replace it with the existing original xbe. If you'd like, you can back it up.
We want to keep everything as original as possible, so we only provide the xbe.

If there's ever any updates, they will be available for download through Avalaunch's update feature, and
in the usual places.
It's unlikely we'll release many updates, but if we do, you'll be able to update it.
You can update the dashboard by going to the settings, and then selecting Update Dashboard.

Be sure to set an NTP server in the dashboard so that your Xbox's date and time are set automatically. 

If you have a G partition, edit your config so that Avalaunch can use it

By default, it will be set to:
<G enabled="0"/>

Set it to 1 to enable the G partition:
<G enabled="1"/>

Thanks to:
Team Avalaunch for creating the dashboard

Xbins for willing to distribute this for us, and for still having a home for all software released over 
the years for the Xbox and other consoles

Anonymous for the idea and help for patching the dashboard to get it to not change the network settings