Copy the dir over to your xbox.   

- general  : This is where cfg files and whatnot are stored
- Media: Font.xpr, help.txt, Resource.xpr 
- roms : This is where you should put all of your ROM files/directories
- backup : Directory where "deleted" ROMs are stored
- samples : This is where you should put all of your audio sample zips
default.xbe : The executable file
MAMEoX.xbe : Utility file (don't bother running it directly)

Just did the compile but credit got to the guys that wrote the code.

 The .ini file gets put into UDATA\4d414d45, you can use it to remap
your ROM directory to wherever you happen to have ROMs already (i.e.
the MAME-X directory)

	E_Mapping = \Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Apps\MAME-X\roms
	RomsPath = E:\ROMS

 If you run default.xbe and immediately quit out, it will generate a
default ini file to make it easier to edit. You can also change some
options by pressing B + Y on the rom list screen.


  Available ROMs screen:
 A     - Play selected ROM
 X     - Show Help file
 Y     - Hold to enter "Super Scroll" mode. At the top
         of the screen, a letter (or # symbol) will 
         appear. Using the DPAD up and down 
         buttons, you can change the letter; 
         skipping to the section of the list 
         starting with that letter.
 B + Y - Toggle Option screen
 B + A - Scan for new ROMs
 B + X - Move ROM to the "BACKUP" directory (this 
         allows the user to "permanently" remove a
         ROM from the listing, without really deleting 
	 the file. Note that there is currently no way
	 to add the file back to the list from within
	 MAMEoX. You will have to manually move it 
	 back to the ROMs directory.
 Black - Toggle between showing and hiding clones
 White - Toggle extended list mode (with 
         rating and favorite columns)

 Left Trigger - Move the ROM cursor up fast
 Right Trigger - Move the ROM cursor down fast
 DPAD/Left Analog Stick - Move the ROM cursor 

 Right Analog Stick - Used to set the screen usage 
                     percentage for MAME rendering.

	Moving the stick will resize the gold border
	(which denotes the area into which the
	game screen will be rendered). This should 
	be sized such that the entire border just
	barely fits on the screen. Failure to do 
	this may cause clipping (where the parts 
	of the screen are not visibile) or 
	suboptimal usage (where there is a larger 
	than necessary black border around the 
	game screen)

 Pressing Left Trigger, Right Trigger, 
 and the Black button on Gamepad 1 
 will jump to the dashboard.

  MAME input mappings:
    As of version 0.5a, there is no INI file to reconfigure the keypad mappings.
    Reconfiguration can be done via editing the osd_customize_inputport_defaults
    function in xbox_JoystickMouse.c.

	All UI config utilizes the "back" (coin 1) button, as this is (hopefully)
	the least disruptive during normal play.
    "Cancel" :		  Joypad 1, BACK and START
    "Toggle Crosshair" :  Joypad 1, BACK and Left Analog button
    "UI Configure" :	  Joypad 1, BACK and White button
    "Pause" :		  Joypad 1, BACK and Black button
    "On screen display" : Joypad 1, BACK and Right Analog Button
    "Reset ROM" :	  Joypad 1, BACK, Left Trigger, and Right Trigger
    "Load State" :        Joypad 1, BACK, Right Analog button, and Left trigger
    "Save State" :        Joypad 1, BACK, Right Analog button, and Right trigger

		Player Controls
    Button 1   - A
    Button 2   - X
    Button 3   - B
    Button 4   - Y
    Button 5   - Left Trigger
    Button 6   - Right Trigger
    Button 7   - Left Analog button
    Button 8   - Right Analog button
    Button 9   - White
    Button 10  - Black
    Enter Coin - Back
    Start      - Start


  - The project is currently in need of some decent artwork for the splash
    screen and initial UI. Feel free to contribute files, you won't be paid,
    but you'll at least get your name on the thing :) More information
    can be found on the project website. Be sure not to send any copyrighted
    material (unless you own the copyright and are willing to allow us to use
    the image(s))

  - Any reports of bugs, crashes, etc... that you can file would be great.
    Just be sure never to send any copyrighted materials (ROMs, compiled 
    XBE images).  The more detailed the report, the better. Bugs will most
    likely be handled in the order of legibility, reproducibility, and general
    "niceness" of the report. That is to say, if you report "ROM x doesn't
    wurk u fag, u suk", the report will likely be sent to the circular file.
    However, if you don't have the technical background to give a really 
    detailed report, just saying "ROM x crashed my machine when booting" or
    "ROM x crashed my machine on level 3" w/out any flames is enough. If you
    can, please try to reproduce the problem and be sure to mention whether
    or not you can consistently reproduce it.