EpochX v1.0 is an emulator of the Epoch Super Cassette Vision console for the original Xbox.

WHY? The MessoXtras emulator already emulated the Super Cassette Vision, but the emulation was far from perfect: some games didn't work in MessoXtras (for example, "Doraemon Nobita's Time Machine" didn't start), and other games had important graphical glitches (like Comic Circus), and even more: these graphical glitches made unplayable certain games (for example, the third level in the game "Lupin III" was impossible due to these glitches). 

This new EpochX emulator has a fixed emulation based on a much more modern core, it removes almost all of the glitches, and it makes playable almost all of the games. And yes: we can finally play Doraemon for the SCV!

HOW TO MAKE IT WORK: Copy the emulator in the hard disk of your Xbox. Then, roms must be copied compressed in ZIP format, inside of the "roms/scv" folder (don't delete the existing files!). Then, launch the emulator and select your desired game from your list, or select "Doraemon Nobita's Time Machine" to play the Doraemon game. 

HOW TO START A GAME: Although each game may have different controls (and you can redefine them), basically the WHITE button is "1" in the console, the BLACK button is "2", and the "A" button is Start. With this in mind, press the buttons to select your desired game mode in the menus, and finally press "A". 

In the main part of the games you will need to press this sequence of buttons to play in Amateur mode: WHITE, WHITE and A buttons (because Amateur mode is usually the "1" option in the menus). In order to play with other difficulty level, you will need to press BLACK (to select the "2" option) or even "Y" (to enter in a submenu, like in Comic Circus).

OTHER CONTROLS (they can also be redefined in the main menu):

* START: Opens or closes the main menu
* BACK: Exits to the rom list or cancels an option.