libnx additional changes:
-Added Overclocking and underclocking Menu
-Added Docked native 1080p Support
-Added Ozone as default Menu driver
-Added software keyboard implementation (if started via Title)
-Changes to accommodate for libnx's 2.0 NWindow API (mostly affects legacy driver)
-Timezone fixes

Core updates:

Introducing Mupen64Plus-Next:
This is the WIP new Mupen core @m4xw has been working on.
It is developed with a close-to-upstream approach, which eases the maintainability
and provides a easier way to update core components.

Some notable changes:
- New Repository approach based on `git subrepo`
- Updated *everything* but GlideN64
- Full feature parity to old Mupen
- Additionally:
  - Added LOD Core option
  - Added Noise Core option
  - Added "Fullspeed" Core option (simliar to ParaLLEl)
  - Added VI Refresh Overclock (simliar to ParaLLEl)
  - Savestates for Version 1.4
  - Added Frame-duping option if Framebuffer Emulation is disabled
  - AArch64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
  - x64 Dynamic recompiler (by Gillou68310)
Current supported platforms:
- Libnx (buildbot)
- Android AArch64 (buildbot)
- Windows x64 (buildbot)
- Raspberry aarch32/armv7 (via RetroPie)
- Linux x86/x64 (buildbot), arm7neonhf (supported but not active)

What is next?
- Updated GlideN64 (currently runs already, but still many Issues to tackle down)
- Adding Threaded Angrylion (for desktop platforms)

-Added accelerometer support for libnx based on standalone mGBA (thanks to p-sam)
 This adds support for games like Warioware Twisted, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble etc..

ANDROID: Fix Xperia Play input binding.
CHEEVOS: Reset when hardcore mode is toggled.
CHEEVOS: Update the hashing methods to identify NES, SNES and Lynx games (more accurate and accepting headerless ROMs).
COMMON: Add new JSON playlist format.
COMMON: Fix playlist corruption when deleting items.
COMMON: Fix archive progress display calculation.
COMMON: Fix playlist entries appearing with previously used names.
COMMON: Fix screenshot filename with no core or content.
COMMON: Allow compiling without menu support.
CORE UPDATER: Allow sideloading cores from the menu.
CPU FILTERS: Add Normal2x filter.
CRT/LINUX: New Linux switching method partially implemented.
CRT/LINUX: Linux restore desktop resolution fixed.
CRT/LINUX: Monitor index switching and auto enumerate for output detection in Linux (still working on the windows method).
CRT/RASPBERRY PI: Initial support.
DATE: Add Date / Time style options.
DEBUGGING: Add an integrated crash handler for debug builds (see
DISCORD: Register the application name properly.
DISK CONTROL: Remember the last used folder / current active folder to make disk-swapping faster.
INPUT: Add new menu toggle (hold start button for 2 seconds)
INPUT: Fix arrow keys being incorrectly bound as numpad keys
INPUT/SDL: Flush the joypad events. Decreases cpu usage over time with the SDL joypad driver.
LOCALIZATION: Add Greek translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update German translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Italian translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Japanese translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Simplified Chinese translation.
LOCALIZATION: Update Spanish translation.
MENU: New "ozone" menu driver.
MENU: Only show CRT SwitchRes if video display server is implemented (Windows/Linux for now)
MENU: User Interface -> Appearance -> 'Menu Font Green/Blue Color' settings now work properly.
MENU: Add option to enable in-menu sound effects.
MENU/D3D: Scissoring support (will be used for Ozone and menu widgets).
MENU/QT/WIMP: Allow building with MSVC2017.
MENU/QT/WIMP: Add detailed file browser table.
MENU/QT/WIMP: New grid view implementation that is faster and loads thumbnails on-demand.
MENU/QT/WIMP: Thumbnail drag and drop support.
MENU/RGUI: Overhaul custom theme interface + add wallpaper support.
MENU/RGUI: Thumbnail support and thumbnail downscaling.
MENU: Hide password values.
MENU/SOUNDS: Implement in-menu sound effects (not enabled by default for now, still experimental).
MIDI: Add a Linux ALSA driver for MIDI.
NETPLAY: Force fast-save-states when netplay is enabled.
NETPLAY: Allow quick joining subsystem lobbies.
OSX: Initial CoreAudio V3 audio driver (not yet used in release builds).
OSX: OpenGL 3.2 Core support for cores.
PS2: Initial PlayStation2 port.
PS4: Initial PlayStation4 port.
RECORDING: Implement recording options in the menu complete with quality profiles, streaming, and proper file naming
SCANNER: Fix GDI disc scanning.
SHADERS: Fix auto shader preset loading on D3D10, D3D11, D3D12
SUBSYSTEM: Allow more than 10 subsystems
SUBSYSTEM: Cores that use subsystem for complex scenarios can now load content without starting a regular content first
SUBSYSTEM: Remember the last used folder to make loading subsystem type content faster
SWITCH/LIBNX: Improve touch scaling calculation.
SWITCH: Proper button labels.
TVOS: Initial tvOS port.
VULKAN: Fix RGUI crashing at startup.
VULKAN/RGUI: Enable 'Menu Linear Filter' option.
VULKAN: Fix secondary screens in overlays not working.
WAYLAND: Implement idle-inhibit support (needed for screensaver suspend).
WAYLAND: Fix fullscreen toggle.
WIIU: Initial netplay peer-to-peer support. Network information working.
WINDOWS/WSA: Network Information info is blank until first network operation.
WINDOWS: Fix an ancient bug that caused wrong mappings for keyboard arrows.
WINDOWS: Remember window size and position if so desired.
WINDOWS: SSL/TLS connections now work properly.
WINDOWS: Fall back to GDI driver if no accelerated graphics driver is found.
UWP: Initial UWP port.
VFS: Update to version 3.
XBONE: Initial Xbox One port.
XMB/OZONE: Add more icons
XMB: Add Automatic Inverted theme
???: Easter Egg