XBMP Configer 2
by flattspott
Sunday July 6th 2003

* + TimeStamp Feature
* + Completly New Interface
* + AutoComplete Feature
* + Report File Maker
* + Thumbnail Maker
* + Some Tutorials (More to come)
+ Easily configure the Settings in the config.xml.
+ Change the names for the Main Menu buttons. (English)
+ FileZilla Server.xml Maker
+ Shortcut Maker
+ Skin Previews (downloadable via AllXboxSkin.com)
+ Works with versions up to CVS 6-24-03
To use the Auto complete feature, you have to press enter after typing something into any field.
This can be done as many time as you you for the same field. It will also work on all fields.

The folder DontDelete is where everthing is stored so don't delete it if if you want to use the AutoComplete Feature. If you delete that folder by accident then just make a new a new one.

The TimeStamp Feature is an option that when checked will add a TimeStamp to your config.xml.
This is so you can know when it was made. 

The Report File option makes a a basic report of the setting you've enter for the config.xml. 
It's sort of a quick trouble shooting guide.