Today we introduce hacbuild, a tool capable of rebuilding XCI files from scratch!

early warning: This is still developer oriented for now, there is not much to see for end users (yet)

This tool makes it possible (or rather will make it in the future) to:

- Rebuild games with edited files (rom hacks, translations)
- Ultra trim XCI games by removing the update partition (but leaving one file) and by having a more optimized HFS0 builder (this is already possible)
- Load eShop titles as (virtual) cartridges!
- Load homebrew as (virtual) cartridges! (I guess it's viable?)

Unfortunately there are a few limitations:
- XCI Signature becomes invalid (this is a non-issue with SX OS since it bypasses it)
- NCAs can't be edited for now (since there is no way to bypass their RSA signature yet)
- eShop titles won't launch due to the fact that, until we can edit NCAs, they still look for a ticket (should work if you own the game tho)