A homebrew application for the Nintendo Switch that will connect to a SDFile Updater Server and update your SDFiles automatically.

host = "http://sdfu.stevenmattera.com";
Which server to connect to. You can host your own server using the files in the server repository.
channel = "stable";
Stable ("stable") will download the latest tag and bleeding edge ("bleeding-edge") will download the latest commit.
version = "";
The version that is currently installed on your SD card.
launcher = "Hekate";
Hekate ("Hekate") will use the hekate files and Switchblade ("Switchblade") will use the switchblade files.

Thanks to tumGER for maintaing the SDFilesSwitch repo, without that repository this application wouldn't exist.
Thanks to vgmoose for examples on using minizip in appstorenx.
Thanks to y4my4m and natinusala in the ReSwitched discord for their discussions around libcurl.