xbins is now hosting the official firmware update files.

If you are reading this and don't know what xbins is then you are probably wondering "how do I download these files" ? Please see -

xbins is a FTP service. We offer a repository for console modification tools and homebrew applications. We have operated since 2002 and act as a central repository for scenes old and new. We are not the easiest service
to use, but if you are struggling with using IRC and connecting to a FTP then I fear for the console you are trying to modify. Our intention is not to be "easy" but to act as a repository preserving the history of console
hacking. Making certain files easily accessible means getting cease and desist letters from specific corporations and we don't want that.

xbins does not support piracy. We exist to empower users to control the hardware that they purchased. There are legal legitimate uses for console modifcations and we support any tools that allow for users to expand the usefulness
of their consoles. None of this would matter if console manufacturers gave independent developers full hardware access to their system. If nintendo, sony and microsoft allowed independent developers to use a free open software
development kit to build applications and games for their systems without monopolistic licensing barriers, then the hacking scene would not have a need to exist.