# WiiU Homebrew Launcher

The Homebrew Launcher is a WiiU homebrew that lists homebrew applications located on a SD card and permits launching them (similar to the Homebrew Channel of the Wii).

Initial release of a homebrew launcher RPX / channel version. The RPX / channel versions will be released under version numbers 2.x and the ELF versions of homebrew launcher under 1.x in the future.

#### Usage

To use the Homebrew Launcher (or HBL, for short) you must copy homebrew_launcher.elf into SD:/wiiu/apps/homebrew_launcher/homebrew_launcher.elf, and run the installer throught your WiiU browser.

The apps that will be listed are should be in the following path /wiiu/apps/homebrew_name/some_elf_name.elf on the root of the SD card. A meta.xml and an icon.png (256x96) are optional. Here is an example:

- sd:/
  - wiiu/
    - apps/
     - homebrew_launcher/
        - homebrew_launcher.elf
        - meta.xml
        - icon.png
     - loadiine_gx2/
       - loadiine_gx2.elf
       - meta.xml
       - icon.png
     - ddd/
       - ddd.elf
       - meta.xml
       - icon.png
     - ftpiiu/
       - ftpiiu.elf
       - meta.xml
       - icon.png

#### Building the Homebrew Launcher

To build the main application devkitPPC is required as well as some additionally libraries. If not yet done export the path of devkitPPC and devkitPro to the evironment variables DEVKITPRO and DEVKITPPC. Additionally you will need to include the [portlibs](https://github.com/dimok789/homebrew_launcher/releases/download/v1.3/portlibs.zip) packages in your devkitPro path.

All remaining is to enter the main application path and enter "make". You should get a homebrew_launcher.elf and a homebrew__launcher_dbg.elf in the main path.

To compile the installer application enter the "installer" path on the source code and type "make".

#### Building an application / homebrew (ELF) for the Homebrew Launcher 
For an example on how to build an application for the HBL check out the [Hello World example](https://github.com/dimok789/hello_world) application or the port of the libwiiu application [Pong](https://github.com/dimok789/pong_port) for HBL.

#### Meta XML

The meta.xml is optional and can be put in the same path as the homebrew ELF file to display additional information about the homebrew.

Here is a XML example:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <app version="1">
    <version>app version</version>
    <release_date>app release date</release_date>
    <short_description>short description</short_description> 
    <long_description>long description</long_description> 

#### Icon PNG
The icon.png has to be of the resolution 256 x 96 and can be placed in the same path as the homebrew ELF file. This file is optional and shows an icon for the homebrew inside the homebrew launcher.

### Credits
* Dimok
* many contributors with their pull requests

##### WUT RPX toolchain which is used to build RPX version of HBL
* exjam
* shinyquagsire23
* several more contributors

##### HBL channel artwork / boot sound and video
* cathor
* Maschell