This is a ported version of the haxchi exploit created by smea and others for all sorts of different ds vc games.
In addition to being ported it also includes a homebrew launcher loader as its payload so you can use it for a lot of things.

install process

haxchi can be very easily installed using iosuhax's wupclient. for example, if hachihachi is installed to the MLC, it suffices to do:

  w.up("rom.zip", "/vol/storage_mlc01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/0010/rom.zip")
of course, using wupclient to install haxchi permanently requires that redNAND be disabled, unless hachihachi is installed to USB, in which case it can be installed from redNAND using:

  w.up("rom.zip", "/vol/storage_usb01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/0010/rom.zip")
To upload a config.txt as well you will have to do the following if the title is installed on NAND:

  w.up("config.txt", "/vol/storage_mlc01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/config.txt")  
  w.chmod("/vol/storage_mlc01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/config.txt", 0x644)  
and for the title being installed to USB you do the following:

  w.up("config.txt", "/vol/storage_usb01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/config.txt")  
  w.chmod("/vol/storage_usb01/usr/title/00050000/YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID/content/config.txt", 0x644)  
make sure to replace YOUR_GAME_TITLE_ID with one of the following:
10179A00 - JPN Brain Age
10179B00 - US Brain Age
10179C00 - PAL Brain Training
10198800 - JPN Yoshi's Island DS
10198900 - US Yoshi's Island DS
10198A00 - PAL Yoshi's Island DS
101A1E00 - JPN WarioWare: Touched
101A1F00 - US WarioWare: Touched
101A2000 - PAL WarioWare: Touched
101A5500 - JPN Kirby Squeak Squad
101A5600 - US Kirby Squeak Squad
101A5700 - PAL Kirby Mouse Attack

a config.txt can look like this for example:

please note though that if you want to load a fw.img the name HAS to be named fw.img in whatever folder you use, nothing else will work.


hbl_loader: a loader which will load up the homebrew launcher from sd card
haxchi_rop.s: hachihachi process ROP which will emit hbl_loader as executable
haxchi.s: generates a malicious SRL file

smea, plutoo, yellows8, naehrwert, derrek, FIX94 and dimok