First release from team Jippie & Novahux(18-04-03).

The rules are quite simple. 
Your task is to clear all the fields were there aren't any mines, by clicking on them. 
The number in the field tells you how many fields around them that contains a 
mine (i.e: a number from 0-8). If the number is zero then all the fields around will be cleared.
To test a field use A_Button
To mark a mine use B_Button

There are 3 difficulties
Easy       - 10x8(10 Mines)
Hard       - 17x18(40 Mines)
Impossible - 25x25(99 Mines)

Start/Back button during play with bring up a menu
Left Trigger + Right Trigger + Back button will reboot.

No sound YET!!
And I want to save the best times..
1 bug that I know to do with flags, if you open up an area but there was a flag that 
gets cleared. Then you can't complete the game :-(
This will be fixed for the next release with what othere bugs/changes people find.

Connect4 is on the way, and I release mineXweeper again with sound when this is done.

Last, old evox with IGR will cause the game to freeze after the splash screen.
Don't know why. But it is fixed in evox 3752.

This site goes down a lot by the look of things. Keep trying I like to hear from others.


Jippie & Novahux