- Added support for LTU required files on "Extract files" function for use with JungleFlasher
- Added BGA on Corona v4 size as acceptable
- Added Write DGX button when nand requiring DGX is loaded
- Added Alternate DGX for Corona
- Added Corona_en files for demon
- Added Xell Freeboot for Corona with Full HDMI support
- Fixed Bug in write nand, removed need for delay setting writing to nand with JRP
- Improved Sonus360 Custom editor Functionality
- Fixed settings save error
- Fixed inability to select Full Dump on BB consoles
- Fixed SMC config bug
- More bugs fixed
- Altered available Dashes for direct download through J-Runner (Now limited - Dont go downloading more dash versions than you need! - Conserve the Bandwidth) You're now limited to number of dashes/time frame
- Added DGX support
- Added Sonus Custom Sounds
- Added SMC Config Editor
- Added Erase for Corona 4GB (F2 for an alternative erase method)
- Added Custom XeBuild Command
- Rewrote Functions for nand-x/JR-P
- Changed way it saves settings
- Added support for new ISD chip
- Patch kv OSIG list updated
- Patch kv Serial and Console ID added
- Added rev option on Advanced XeBuild Options
- Lots of various enchancements, bug fixes, optimizations
- Added Improved Scan IP (if nand loaded in source)
- Added Hex Editor/Viewer
- Added Xecuter Sonus Editor
- Added Ability to use custom CB when creating Nand (advanced function)
- Improved nand initialization
- Improved Badblock Handling
- Fixed bug on delete from CPUKey Database
- Allows full dump of Corona 4GB to work with xebuild
- Added Xebuild 1.05
- Added read/write to Corona 4GB using SD Card reader
- Full Corona 4GB support
- Added Corona Install Images
- Added DIY Corona xsvf for 48MHZ Osc
- Added Monitor COM wiring Images
- Added Enable/Disable of File Checks/Downloads in Settings
- Added app re-opens in same screen position as was last used
- Changed Use of registry for settings (values are stored elsewhere)
- Changed Settings layout 
- Changed Custom Functions layout
- Changed Xsvf selection screen
- Fixed Nand init after dash selection
- Fixed Cpukeydb clipboard after a sort-by selection
- Fixed RGH auto Selection for Trinity
- Fixed Small bug in dashlaunch selection radio buttons
- Fixed Bug where crash occurs if filepath no longer exists for working folder
- Tidied up Images dropdown menus
- Added warning of existing files in output folder on start
- Added fcrt when extracting files
- Fixed bug in Scan for keys
- Added support for Xebuild 1.04
- Added support Corona ECC 
- Added COM port Monitor for Xell (additional wiring and HW required)
- Added Demon Hotkeys
	F5 - toggle Demon Nand/Xbox360 Nand
	F6 - Power On Xbox360
	F7 - Power Off Xbox360
- Added Scan Ip Range for CPU Key (range scanned is in settings page - default is LAN)
- Added ability to change output name of images built (settings page - default: updflash.bin)
- added support for xebuild 1.03
- added support for dashlaunch 3.02
- Added Team Xecuter DemoN support
	- Read DemoN/Xbox360 nand
	- Write DemoN/Xbox360 nand
	- Erase DemoN/Xbox360 nand
	- Write XSVF to CoolRunner
	- Toggle Between Nands
	- Power Console On/Off (Kiosk Pin wiring required)
	- Update DemoN Firmware
- Improvements to POST monitor
- Improved nand initialization and ECC creation (faster)
- Added POST Monitor
- Added routine to Write TX fusion nands (handles bad blocks)
- Added Menus items, moved around to make more sense
- Added option in settings for some users who were reporting JR-Programmer write 'lagging' (it should be similar to read speed)
- Added ability to update / re-program the FW on JR-Programmer
- Added Scan for keys/nands function in Key database
- Added device connected notification images :)
- Added CR Rev C pictures
- SMC config viewer
- Extract files function now extracts all the required files for Fusion into output folder
- Advertisement now opens in the user's specified browser and not Internet Explorer \o/ :P
- Added another warning message when users are about to dump nand thus replacing an existing file
- A checksum.md5 is now generated on compare, dunno why its needed but someone asked for it
- Enhanced bad blocks handling, now not only it remaps blocks to create ecc but it writes them in the correct position as well
- Lots of optimizations
- added an additional xsvf file for falcons - rgh2
- fixed a bug when internet connection is active but server is down
- fixed a bug with rgh2 and dashlaunch
- added support for xebuild 1.02
- added support for dashlaunch 3.00
- fixed a few bugs
- fixed a typo on ecc creation for 6752
- fixed incompatibility error on XP
- Layout change
- added RGH2 support for 14717 > phats
- added RGH2 Wiring images
- added RGH2 xsvf files
- added ARM 2 support 
- added JR-Programmer support 
- added LPT support (for coolrunner programming only) 
- added Xebuild options editing screen
- added sounds on Success and Failure conditions (editable)
- added Xell-Reloaded on JTAG - for HDMI support during CPU key retrieval etc
- added bad blocks tab for full check of bad blocks
- added .dll usage
- added support for updating jtags of any wiring (creating aud_clamp, Open_tray updated images etc)
- added new icon
- added reporting console LDV in log during CpuKey grab over network
- removed Xellous use on JTAG
- improved update method
- improved advanced nand/CR functions in 
- improved changelog retrieval
- some minor bug fixes

- added option to use a different bootloader on xenons as there have been reports it improves the glitch times

- added Xenon Support, sorry for the delay

- a file path fix

- added support for ecc creation on trinity with dash version 14717 and above

- added auto file save for those who are doing purely dvd key retrieval!
- a couple of tiny tweaks
- new dashlaunch option - fakelive

- added KV info extraction

- small bug with launch.ini where some values were set to true
- more idiot proof. removed the pop up at start of reading

- added status updates on xebuild and dashlaunch
- added support to add dashes offline

- fixed the actual problem for nands with donor files

- added 14719 (and dash selector)
- fixed a dashlaunch issue
- fixed (a possible issue) on nands that need donor files

-fixed a problem with changing ldv

-Release version