KEGS-X Apple IIgs/e/c/+ Emulator port for XBox v5

"You make the locks!"
"Come to us for the core updates and fixes!"

First off... "You must have at least ROM for the emulator to work. Really... how else are you gonna play you silly wabbit?". 

Special thanks....

X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.

Surreal CE team - Just because they are cool!

Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.

Wimpy and Perr - For also providing a place for me to ramble and to make my goods available.  :)

Shout out to Hyper_Eye, SPPV, hcf, A600, Destronger, +T+, Neobomb, incrediclint, YRUSirius, Surreal CE team and all those who are honourable and keep the xbox-scene alive.

Comments of support from various interested parties.

If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.

*** Changes To KegsX Core ***

* Core updated to v0.90

* Savestates are kinda wonky (and questionable at best).  The original x-port version has some (v0.71) but I have no idea where it came from because it is not part of the original source.  A cursory glance at it reveals many potential "issues" that could crop up from using them.  Here is a quote from the readme for the v1 release of this emu.  "Save states only work reliably while you are playing the same game without restarting it.  This means that while you are playing a game, you can save/load states all you want, but as soon as you reset the emulator or exit the game, those save states will probably not work anymore".  My two cents on savestates.  As long as you are playing a game that does NOT write to the disk and you have the right disks inserted in the right drives then odds are you will be safe.

* Given the full "Madmab Edition" treatment.

* Sorry.  No dual-preview skin to support Xtra's.  Not that there are any atm.

* Keys "caps lock" issue should be fixed (for those with real keyboards).

* New option "Start With Caps Lock - On/Off".  This will hopefully help resolve any issues with mapping the xbox controller to keyboard keys.  See next comment.  Currently defaults to "On".  Let me know if it would be better as "Off".

* Xbox controller mapping to keyboard keys may need re-evaluating due to the weird nature of how the apple's "capslock" key works.  If anyone with better knowledge of the Apple wants to help me on this just send me a PM.

* User can now mount a disk in drives 1 and 2.  Game loading is alot more fluid now.  Emulator remembers which disks were loaded at game boot time.   Press X on game load if you want to change these.  This included a new menu option to display the disks in drives 1 & 2, rotate and change disks.

* Bram now stored in seperate files whose name is based on the ROM used (1 or 3) AND the slot the disks are inserted in.  This allows you to set seperate "startup slots" for 140k, 800k, and disk images without having to worry about constantly reseting the "startup" slot from within the "control panel".  See below on how to setup the "startup" slot in the "control panel".  The easiest thing to do is copy the include BRAM??.ram files into your saves directory (usually "e:\saves\kegs\").  Or if you are a real masochist you can manually set them all yourself!  :P

* In game "configuration" computer speed is changed based on disk size.  Anything less than 140k will autoset to 1mhz.  The rest will be 2.5.  Border clipping is auto set as well based on the recommendations in the Kegs documentation.  This can be manually changed if need be.

* New selectable speed added to game configuration menu "8.0mhz" works great for some of the slower games "Silpheed", "Out Of This World".  Use at own risk.  :P

* Controller setup stuff moved into it's own menu and also added to the "in-game" menu so that you can adjust the trim and "center" positions more easily.

* Added in trim adjustment for joystick X and Y axis.  This is needed if you are running games at "8.0mhz" speed.  For example "Silpheed" needs X and Y trim set to "-100" for the joystick to work right when running the game at "8.0mhz".

* Controller type can now be changed to "Analog Joystick".  Currently mapped to the left analog stick.

* Added new config option "Joystick Center Position".  Most games work with the default (127).  However some prefer a different "center" position.  Silpheed (139), Skate Or Die (101).

* Sound MUCH improved now!  Stuttering should be gone now.

*** To Do For KegsX ***

- Hopefully some form of an Xtra's collection based on Tosec/Gamebase?
- Some preset controller configs?

*** Interface Related Changes ***

* Added a new "Dummy/Lockdown Mode Setting".. "Remove 'Shutdown Xbox' From Main Menu?" Yes/No.  For those of you who are driven crazy because this option is there.  ;)  :P