BigLarry UK TV Grabber

Extract files to a dir of your choice.

Edit channels.dat in notepad or similar adding a # before a channel you wish to retrieve listings for.

The more channels you select, the longer this will take so it is advisable not to select all channels. On a fast cable connection grabbing all channel data will take approx 20minutes for 5 days listings.

As far as I know, the listing.xml produce conforms to the XMLTV standard.

For XBOX Media Player 2.4, ftp listing.xml produced into the tvguide directory.

To use the ftp, make sure the xbox/dreambox or site is ready to accept connections. Alter xbox.dat in a text editor as follows:

Top line, ip or site name.
Path to upload to

////Running it
To run double click UKTV.exe


For support and error reporting visit www.x-forums.co.uk