Blissx Intellivision Emulator Port For Xbox V10

First off...

Special thanks....

X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.
Surreal CE team - Just because they are cool!
+T+, iq_132, NeoBomb, and XtecuterX73 for helping keep the xbox-scene alive.
Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.
Wimpy and Perr - For providing even a better place for me to ramble on.
Carnage By Bob for kicking things in gear with his BlissX Xtra's.
Gilou9999 for new COLOUR SD and HDTV skins, synopsis, suggestions, rumble codes, etc.

Cospefogo for the onscreen keyboard used by AdamX. Frank Morris for fixing the minor spelling error in the onscreen keyboard.
Guybird for the "Button List" concept/idea and waal for the "Popup Action List" idea.

Shout out to Hyper_Eye, SPPV, hcf, A600, Destronger, +T+, Neobomb, incrediclint, YRUSirius, Surreal CE team and all those who are honourable and keep the xbox-scene alive.

Comments of support from various interested parties.
If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.

*** Changes To BlissX Core ***

- Nothing really.  BlissX core has not been updated in ages.  :P  This is just an update to the latest Madmab Edition interface and features.

- I included the mp3 from the last release of BlissX in case anyone misses it.  Just rename it from altbkgmusic.mp3 to "bg music.mp3" if you wish to use it.

* Added the following homebrew games to the Bliss internal database. The following games are now playable.  Adventures Of Tron (2600 Ver), Rocky And BullWinkle, Snow, Spirit, Stack 'em (doesn't work though), Sudoku, Xmas Carol v1.2, Yogi's Frustration, and DkInty Demo.

* Moved the system ROMs to a place that makes more sense.  So make sure that exec.bin, grom.bin, ivoice.bin, ecs.bin are in the "SYSROMS" directory and that they are unzipped.

* Game selectable video mode so you can use the interface (game select) at 720p or 1080i and have games run in another video mode. "In Game Menu" video mode will match the one the game is set for except for the media browser which will change to match the video mode used outside of the game.

*** To Do For BlissX ***

- Eh?

*** Interface Related Changes ***

* Fixed another bug related to removal/addition of favorites.

* Fixed an issue where changing the "Samba Nameserver" would also ask you for the "Relax Share Name" when you were done.

* Improved game preview network streaming.  I like to call it "pseudo-streaming" so streaming game previews off a network should be ALOT smoother now.

* "Pseudo Streaming" defaults to off.  So if you want to turn it on go into "Screenshot/Movie Preview Settings" and turn it on.  I'm doing this until I get more feedback concerning the performance of it.

* Removed pop-up that says "Select The Cheatcode File You Wish To Use." per Dominater01's request.

* Cheatcode files now looked for in "Cheats" directory (don't forget to move them there guys!).  (Pcsxbox only).

* The two Preset Controller menu options have been moved to the "controller configuration" menu.  I did this cause several emu's use this feature now and to help reduce clutter in the in-game menu.

* Fixed blank pop-up message when trying to display the cheat codes when there are none.

* Fixed issues where media would not display when a directory with a period in it was highlighted.

* Added option to "Refresh DVD Drive".  It is currently in the "Utilities Menu"

* Finally added option to "Shutdown Xbox".  It is currently in the "Main Menu" however I have my reservations about it's location.  I'd prefer to have it in the "Utilities Menu"

* Partial >4096 file support put in.  If you have more than 4096 title or action shots put them in a directory named "action01" and "titles01".

* Checks put into the cheatcode database checker to let you know if the file is to big or has too many game entries and needs to be split up.

* Gilou9999's HD Colour skins should work properly now (no weird hacks).  Be sure to at least copy over the "settings.ini" files in the skin directory and the skin "configurations" directories and "reload the skin".

* Added new skin transition option "none".  Real handy for skins like Gilou9999's that uses the HD sprite trick.

* Windows 7 users should have no more weird issues on samba shares!  Woohoo!  Thank you YRUSirius for pointing out the available patch and Buzz for creating that patch.  :D

* Fixed issue where emulator menu video mode was reverting to last played games video mode in emu's that support game specific video modes.

* MP3 Volume issue should hopefully be fixed when loading a game that switches the cores.

* Fixed "Action List" selections not registering (computer emu specific)

* Created mappable key for ( swapping keyboard/action list) so you don't always have to hop in and out of the IGM.

* New feature for "Action List".  "Keyword List".  This lets you define keywords that when selected from the list will be stuffed into the keyboard buffer.  Currently C64 only.  For example in Ultima IV and up commonly used words when "T"alking to characters are "Job", "Name", "Join".  These can be put in the list for easier game play.

* Fixed lockups when changing Action Lists while within game.

* Added a "per game" autoload save state option.  Options are "No, 1-10, Most Recent"

* Fixed issue where video mode was not being remembered in some cases when set to either 720x480 or 720x576.

* Fixed issue where emu would lock up if the media directory path was longer that 36 characters.  (Thanks to those who reported it and AMOC for testing for me)

* Now have the ability to display long names for games.  This currently relies on having Xtras synopsis files.  In the future I will be providing other options.  So get to work waal!  :P

* Emulator now supports Action Lists, Preset Controller Configs, and a config database.

* Name of Loaded disk image is displayed in the in game menu.

* Fixed issue where sound volumes would get wacked when trying to adjust them in the IGM.

* Pressing Back while in the the controller settings menu will set the value to "None".

* Accurate Screen Pixel Ratio option added (see "" for more into) per gilou9999's suggestion.  Some numbers are still a WIP.  Go into Game/Text Screen Size Position" and select "Set Game Screen to Accurate Screen Pixel Ratio".  The emu will ask you if you wish to turn off software/hardware filters and flicker filter.  This is recommended for the most accurate screen.  You'll still have to manually adjust the image on the Y axis.  We can't do everything for you, ya lazy bum!

* Added an option to display a "Static" video if no movie found.  Can be set to yes or no.  Static file must be named "Tv Static.xmv" and placed in the emu's "backgrounds" directory.

* Rewind is a bit of a memory hog.  On some emu's at 720p it is barely useful.  Some emu's can't even handle it.  Here is what I did.
* Tweaked around with the rewind system fixed a couple potential xbox lockers.
* Modified the rewind system so if memory runs low it clears half the buffer, if that doesn't work it clears the entire buffer.  What this means is that on memory intensive emu's you'll have a rewind system that mostly works.  It's pretty much a "better than nothing" set-up.