Shortcut360 README.txt

Version 1.1.7

	Added:	XEX/GOD shows as XBOX360 Title.
			XBLA shows as XBLA.
			Shortcuts show as above in dash as requested,
			sorry it took so long!.
Version 1.1.6

	Fixed:	Disc num/of greater than 9 throws an error.
	Added:	Auto skips $SystemUpdate dir. (Any case).
Version 1.1.5

	Fixed:	XGD2 and XGD3 ISO reading for shortcut info.
Version 1.1.4

	Added:	Network mapped drives now supported for scanning.

Version 1.1.3

	Fixed:	Buffer error causing a crash on "Create".
Version 1.1.2

	Fixed:	No more MSVCP100.dll error.  Works out of the box!

Version 1.1.1

	Added:	GOD selection on scan. (oops!)
	Fixed:	Dir names that are too long, showed up weird on scan.
	Fixed:	Fixed a bitwise check on scan, causing files not to be added.

Version 1.1

	Added:	Scan button: scan USB drives so you don't have to manually add
			every shortcut!. This will also work over FSD samba share!
			v1.2 will have its own XEX so no need to rely on FSD.
	Added:	Load shortcut info from ISO (XDVDFS).
	Fixed:	Possible memory leak and crash on icon updating.
	Fixed:	Threaded shortcut info reading as you may get app "Not Responding".
							SCAN USAGE:
	1.	Click "Scan" button, and a new scan dialog will appear.
	2.	Select directory on USB drive to use as base. (Eg: "E:\GAMES\" ). or...
		Browse the network and select path. (Eg: "\\XBOX360\\Hdd1\\Games" ).
	3.	Select depth to scan.
			If you have a nice layout like "Games\GameName1\default.xex"
			and "Games\GameName2\234734FE56AB...", set this to 1.
			The higher the scan depth the longer it takes! (DONT RECOMMEND OVER 5!)
	4.	Choose which types of files you want to scan for. XEX, XBLA etc.
	5.	Click "Scan" and it will begin scanning, showing you the progress
			of the current scan... Folder, File, Count, Errors etc.
	6.	Wait til its finnished, or you can cancel at anytime with "Cancel" button.
			All shortcuts that don't have enough info to be created properly, will
			have a status of "Attention!".
			All shortcuts that are ready to be created will have a status of "Ready!".
			Clicking "Create All" with shortcuts needing "attention", these shortcuts
			will simply be skipped!.
			Also, some games may have more that one XEX file, so if there is more than
			one entry for a particular game, simply remove all of them and keep the 
			"default.xex" one.. This is the actual game!.
			GOD/XBLA games don't have this problem (RECOMMENDED as its will be FAST!).
	7.	Any shortcuts needing attention, double click them and enter the missing info.
	8.	Click "Create All" and everything is done!
Version 1.0.3

	Added:	Added more mounts: FLASH, INTMU (Slim/Phat Internal Storage).
	Fixed:	More unicode crap, this time in XDBF.
	Fixed:	Error displaying PNG's with transparency.

Version 1.0.2:
	Fixed:	Error displaying unicode characters from container.
Version 1.0.1:
	Fixed:	XEX file errors on folder/file names with a space " ".
	Fixed:	Special characters causing Shortcut360 to stop working on "Create".
	Fixed:	Title/Media ID's starting with 0 would not show the 0, so 8 character warning.
	Thanks to "Marc" and "Sopor" for finding these!
Version 1.0:
	Q.	What is it?
	A.	IMO a better version of QuickBoot!

	Q.	Why?!?, when QuickBoot works fine!
	A.	Yes it works fine, but...

		1.	No achievement data shows up in MS dashboard when using QuickBoot.
		2.	On the new MS dashboard, pressing A on a game to get the info..
			it will show you the icon of the first QuickBoot shortcut you have,
			which is wrong.
	Q.	OK!, i can live without achievement data, what else can it do?
	A.	The following...

		1.	Launch GOD titles.
		2.	Launch XBLA titles.
		3.	Fetch the info & icon from a given ".XEX" or "Container".

	1.	Run the program.
	2.	Click "Add" button to add a new shortcut.
	3.	Enter the shortcut information..
		If you don't want to find out the information yourself, click the
		"..." button and select the "title.xex" (default.xex) or the "Container".
		On GOD games you only need the 44kb file to get the information from, none
		of the files in the ".data" directory are needed!
		XBLA titles come in many sizes... luckily the information needed is stored
		right at the top of the "Container"!
		So all you need to do is transer about 1MB worth of the file just to be sure!
		If you want to add a custom icon for the shortcut, click the icon box and it
		will let you choose your own icon! - If its too big it will let you know.
		Path must not include the drive name, and must not start with a leading "\"
		My titles are located on "Hdd:\GAMES\" and "Usb0:\GAMES\"
		For a ".xex" title on "Hdd:\" you use "GAMES\SomeGame\default.xex"
		For a "container" title on "Usb0:\" you also use "GAMES\SomeOtherGame\78DF35..."
		So just "folder\some.xex" or "folder\someContainer" !!!!
	4.	Click "Add" on the shortcut editor to add this shortcut to the shortcuts list!
		If you make/made a mistake with the shortcut info, simply "double-click" the
		shortcut in the shortcut list, and the editor will pop back up!
	5.	Repeat above process until you have made all of your shortcuts.
	6.	Select shortcuts to be made & click "Create", or just click "Create All" and
		all shortcuts will be made anyway.
	7.	All shortcuts will be made in correct directory structure, ready to be FTP'd
		or sent over with 360 Content Manager.

										BUGS & IDEAS
	Found a bug?, or have a cool feature suggestion?..
	Drop me an email: [email protected]



	xorloser for xextool, c0z for dashlaunch, free60 & xboxhacker guys for file formats