Swizzy's xeBuild GUI Version 2.01

****** If you find a bug, let me know! you can reach me on: [email protected] ******

****** NOTE: I did NOT create xeBuild! i merely made a frontend/gui for it! ******

****** NOTE: I take NO responsibility for damage to your console/files caused by your use of my program! ******

   Requirements - What you need to do have in order for this to work!
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
- Your CPUKey or network connection with your console ;)
- A dump of your nand

   Overview - What it does

- This is a frontend/GUI for xeBuild, what it does is make it easy
for you to select most options that you might need, such as Motherboard,
SMC hack for freeboot, image type etc. etc.

- It is able to check what SMC hack you have previously used for JTAG
it's also able to tell you what SMC version you have, and if it's a
JTAG, Clean/Retail, Glitch or Cygnos patched SMC :)

- If you put any of these files next to the executable it'll use them

SMC.bin - Custom SMC of your choice; ONLY USE THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

Xell.bin - Custom Xell of your choice; ONLY USE THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!

cpukey.txt - It'll read first line of this file, if it starts with "cpukey" it'll read the
last 32 characters from that line (removing any extra spaces) otherwise it'll read the first
32 characters of that line (removing any extra spaces)

FUSE.txt - It'll parse it as if it was saved from Xell using network...

flashdmp.bin - It'll load this as source nand ;)

Default.xml - It'll load any preset settings from this file ;)

options.ini - It'll load any custom settings from this (for xeBuild)

launch.ini - Settings for Dashlaunch, if you choose to use this setting it'll include this file
in the generated image ;)

    Notes about building retail/devkit images

Retail images can be built using this gui, it includes common retail
SMC's i've extracted myself, i make no form of garantuee that these
are safe to use for your console, some machines might not like the
bootloaders etc. which are used by default...

If you want to create devkit images you will need to find the files for
it on your own, and you will also need to select custom version because
they're different from the normal dashboard. i've limited this type
of images to advanced due to normal users not having a devkit in the
first place, only devs should have one and devs should be advanced ;)

     Notes about LDV

There are 3 ways you can get your LDV value:

1. Use Xell and manually count the ammount of "f" on fusesets
07 and 08, the total here is your LDV value.
2. Use Xell and a network connection, doing this the app can
read fusesets for you and read cpukey aswell as check what ldv your
Xbox 360 should have automaticly for you (this option also sets both)
3. Use 360 Flash Dump Tool and check which value is the highest, this
is the one you will want to be using

Normally (if you have a good dump that does NOT include data from
.ECC file created using RGH python script) xeBuild should be able
to extract this value on it's own, if it can't just follow the
instructions above... if you don't understand these instructions,
ask google!

     Notes about FCRT patches

This patch removes the need for FCRT.bin in nand, however, it will
NOT work for everyone, it's been enabled in the default configuration,
but should be disabled if you are using a machine with a Liteon DG16-D5S
FW: 1175, it's been confirmed by me that it doesn't work on these drives
all others i've tested has worked just fine, however it can still be a 
problem for you to have this activated, disable it if games don't work
from discs (if you use this feature!)

    Other things you need to know about that don't fit in the changelog

- If you have a badblock @ block 1 the app will NOT be able to extract/check your KV
if you want it to do this for you, you'll have to manually remap it to fix your nand
i'll be adding support for doing this automatically when needed later on ;)

- Sometimes when you start a download for the first time the app may stand still for a while
doing nothing... i have no idea why this is happening atm, only had it happen to a friend of
mine but haven't been able to reproduce it myself and therefor i cannot find the reason for 
this to happen, i'm looking for what is causing it, if you experience this, let me know and tell
me about your computer, what connection you have, what OS you have etc. all this will help me
if it's because of connections i can't do anything about it ;)

* Features beeing worked upon *
- A Full Updater, i will be making a update program for xeBuild GUI which will be capable of checking
and downloading new files/versions for you, i had one in previous code base but decided not to include it
here because it needs more work, and i've also considerd the possiblity of replacing current xebuild GUI version
which would require the prog to NOT be running, thus an external updater would be required, i'll be working
around that idea and hopefully release an updater soon :)

- Badblock management, i'll be working on detecting and dealing with badblocks which could cause a problem with
some features, such as dumping/decrypting KV to check various values in it

- Nandpro functionality, you'll be able to do common nandpro operations using xeBuild GUI soon! :D

     Credits - Thanks to:

- A HUGE thanks to: cOz and Razkar - Thanks for everything, without you guys i wouldn't have
been able to make this app into what it is! i owe you bigtime! ;)
- Blackaddr - Thanks for your SMC_Utility it's awesome! :D
- LegendaryFire - NandApi : http://www.team-hq.com/index.php?title=NandApi
Thanks for making this! it really helped me out with the keyvault stuff :)
- Jack Nepacha - Making my new icons and other graphical stuff thanks mate ;)
- Anyone else that has helped me with anything such as tests, bug finding
and such that is not mentioned above, THANK YOU! without testers this app
would be pretty much useless compared to the other GUI versions out there ;)