360_Multi_Builder_v0.5 on 09/12/2011
- Added Support for xeBuild and Dash version 14699
- Updated patches to Latest Dashlaunch v2.27 Patchset.
- now using xeBuild fcrt.bin extractor for Trinity images.
- Added RGH smc files for proper RGH image building.
- Added Xenon Retail Image build option.

Credits to xeBuild / Dashlaunch devs, especially cOz.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.4 on 27/11/2011
- Returned to using Dashlaunch v2.25 patch-set to avoid the "PlayDVD" problem.
  with some Liteon Drives that requires the fcrt.bin for proper function.
- Fixed a bug in the Xell/Ecc script regarding Jaspers with CB version 6751.

360_Multi_Builder_v0.3 on 13/11/2011
- Updated Dashlaunch patches to latest version 2.26 / thanks cOz
- Added the option to build the image without Dashlaunch patches too.
- Added the option to build the Jtag image with SMC = AUD_CLAMP.
- Added full checks of different CB versions to the Xell/ECC script.
- Added RawFlash v3 / "xenon.elf" to "Data" folder with flashing note.
- Fixed the Fans Speed back to auto (it was 70% in previous version).

360_Multi_Builder_v0.2 on 03/11/2011
- Added Proper Support for Jasper with CB 6751 (where a donor CB 6750 will be used)
- Please note that Jasper with CB 6752 are not Glitchable even if the image was created
- Added Proper Support for Zephyr with CB 4578 (Program now supports both 4578 & 4579)
- Added a notification to the Python Script about the Falcon CB 5772 being not Glitchable

360_Multi_Builder_v0.1 on 31/10/2011
- Updated "Easy ggBuilder" to "360 Multi Builder" with ECC/Jtag/Glitch & Retail image creation.
- Added Auto-Build ECC Glitch image "image_00000000.ecc" when "cpukey.txt" is missing.
- Added startup checks for "nanddump.bin" and "cpukey.txt" files existence.
- Jtag/Freeboot 13604 image creation with built-in Dashlaunch v2.25 patches & Xell-Reloaded.
- Glitch Hack   13604 image creation with built-in Dashlaunch v2.25 patches & Xell-Reloaded.

Easy ggbuild v0.4 Final on 26/10/2011
- Updated BestPig's fcrt_extractor to version 0.3
- Eliminated one step from the Trinity image creation for simpler operation

Easy ggbuild v0.3 on 25/10/2011
- Added BestPig's fcrt_extractor which allows auto-extracting of "fcrt.bin/fcrt.bin.meta", 
  no more need for manual extracting of the 2 files using "360 Flash Dump Tool" for Trinity.
- The Program is now considered fully automated for all console types including Trinity.

Easy ggbuild v0.2 on 24/10/2011
- Removed Xenon type from selection Menu
- Added Trinity notification about "fcrt.bin" and "fcrt.bin.meta" files needed for some Slim nands.
- Added 360 Flash Tool v0.97 to package with the ability to auto-launch it when needed.
- Added the option to build Dash 13604 Retail Images
- Added different menu selection checks to avoid wrong user input