Myx-Lite 1.0 by StrongBad [July 1, 2003]

What is Myx-Lite?
Extremely stripped-down version of Myxomatosis for a very basic XML 
auto-directory menu authoring solution for Media X Menu .9m or later

*Support for 3 MXM auto-directory menu items
*XML monitor to view changes to XML in realtime and learn how XML works
*XML verify to test the validity of a Myx-Lite generated XML file
*Saves to menu.xml file with time-stamping
*Small application filesize = 79kb [packed]

Who is Myx-Lite for?
First-time MXM users who wish to get a hassle-free auto-directory menu 
up and running quickly and possess zero XML knowledge.

Before using Myx-Lite:
The .NET Framework 1.1 is REQUIRED for Myx-Lite to function.
Without the framework, you will probably get an error simliar to this:
"Myx-Lite.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (oxc0000135). Click on OK 
to terminate the application."

Need the .NET Framework 1.1? 
It's free:

Instructions for Myx-Lite:

-What is 'auto-directory'?  It is MXM's way of automagically searching
the given path to display all valid XBE executables.  The most common
way to use this is to designate paths for different categories of XBEs 
on your Xbox.  When Myx-Lite is executed, the default configuration is
shown.  This consists of three categories: Games, Emus, and Apps.  Each
category has it's own auto-directory path for MXM to search.  If you wish
to change the categories, you can do so using the respective fields on
the left side of Myx-Lite.  Your menu when you start MXM will display 
the titles that you have implemented.  Clicking on each of these will 
bring you to the MXM search results for that path.  So if you clicked 
on the Games title, you will get a list of all the games in that path.

-Observe the read-only XML monitor when you make your changes to learn 
about XML syntax and how an MXM menu structure is configured.
-Click the Verify button to test the validity of your XML using the IE
engine.  Your XML, because it is an untampered Myx-Lite file, is pretty 
much guaranteed to be valid.  This feature, however, was implemented to 
show new users and XML newbies that any XML file can be validated with 
Internet Explorer.  So if you choose to expand a Myx-Lite generated XML 
file further on your own to add more menu items, always use IE to validate 
the file before uploading.  Validating an XML before Xbox upload does not 
ensure that MXM will display your menu correctly, but should problems 
arise, you can be sure XML validity isn't an issue.

-Build the XML file and upload to Xbox to use.
If your menu has errors, here's some help:

Note the MXM load process [from User's Guide]:
"MXM searches for entries in the MXM.xml file, and finding no valid entries, 
will then attempt to load a menu.xml file. As a last attempt, MXM will 
search, and organize subdirectories into submenus, all items on E:\ and F:\, 
then set up a subdirectory based on the dashboard files it finds on C:\"

We know your MXM menu XML is valid, but you still don't see the menu that
you expect to see.  Well, what DO you see?  From the excerpt above, if you
only see E and F drives or only see one or two but not all of your menu
items, it is possible that you have invalid entries.  Invalid entries are
XML-valid but not link-valid in your Xbox.  You could be pointing to
an invalid directory or a file that does not exist.  Refer to the User's
Guide to use the <RemoveInvalid> tag to troubleshoot your menu.  This
will display all items in your menu.xml file regardless of their entry 
validity.  You can then scroll through each and determine the error.

-Refer to BJ's MXM User's Guide for detailed information on menu parameters.

-If you need more than three menu categories, open your Myx-Lite generated
file in any text editor.  Use the existing XML as a template to cut and 
paste additional categories and designate the titles and paths.  Don't 
forget to validate with IE before uploading.

Btw, have you tried the Devoid 1b or Generator V2 skins for MXM?

Need MXM Help? Try the MXM forums: