**** FSD2.2 Final - Released December 3rd, 2011 ****
 **** Thanks go out to our dedicated beta testers and the community!
 **** Note: All skin customizations w
 **** Enjoy!

 (Updated) Only 1 update notification if more updates available
 (Changed) Plugins tab notification
 (Added) Different Wallpaper 
 (Adjusted) Profile GamerPic Location on Main Scene
 (Updated) Weather Units to be C like System Temps by Default 
 (Added) Setting to enable or disable weather at startup
 (Added) Recursive Delete Directory Function 
 (Added) Forced Skin Settings Delete on Builds as Required
 (Updated) Missing GamerPic in HTTP 
 (Fixed) Delete God from gamelist
 (added) Files for auto-update website
 (Added) HTTP Scan Path Support
 (Added) Tons of New HTTP Features and Error Response
 (Added) Game Directory Truncation when in Content Folder 
 (Fixed) Subtitle Directory Support in GameListView 
 (Added) Background C and Background D support
 (Added) Support for 6 Animations 
 (Updated) Added version to TitleUpdate information. (Thanks to xamphear)
 (Fixed) File Size Display in File Manager 
 (Fixed) File Manager Title Caption - to now properly show current path
 (Reduced) Font Size of Caption to allow longer paths to be seen
 (Fixed) Issue where FSD would ask you to reboot when changing skin even if skin is the same as active
 (Fixed) Focus Loss Issues in Manage Paths 
 (Fixed) Skin Glitch in Menu 
 (Fixed) Cut off Text in Manage Paths Scene
 (Fixed) Crash in TabConfig Scene that occurs when exiting Scene 
 (Fixed) FileSize Display for Large Files in FTP
 (Fixed) Credits Music
 (Added) Toggle Subtitles to FSD Flow
 (Fixed) Reset Skin Settings Crash
 (Fixed) Multidisc Plugin To Handle Games that Request the Same Disk Be Entered
 (Updated) Main Skin Layout for ease of use
 (Fixed) Numerous Scene Focus Loss Issues
 (Added) "No Icon" Image in recent games when game does not have an icon (ie, homebrew)
 (Added) FSDPlugin and ConnectX Status Display to Plugin Settings Scene
 (Added) Auto-Signin Support for Profiles 
 (Fixed) TrinityMU Mount Command 
 (Updated) About Scene to include Top Donators 
 (Updated) Main Settings Scene Setting Summaries 
 (Added) ConnectX Support 
 (Fixed) MemLeaks in Configurable List, Configurable Scene and SkinXMLReader 
 (Removed) Excess DebugMsgs from Skin Xml Reader Methods
 (Updated) HTTP Gamelist to alphabetize itself before listing games
 (Fixed) Timer Manager referencing a non existent observer when calculating next tick 
 (Fixed) Bug in ScanPaths when choosing a second path
 (Fixed) Crash in HTTP Downloader when the same item tries to download more than once at the same time
 (Changed) FTP Server Thread for Speed Increase 
 (Fixed) Version Manager issue causing FSD to not recognize build types 
 (Updated) HTTP Client to use HTTP 1.0 GET 
 (Fixed) Subtitles 
 (Added) 'Date Added' Sort style
 (Added) Two new Subtitle options for the game list 
 (Added) Launch Recent Game to Profile Tab
 (Updated) NoDVD Icon to better work with different panels
 (Updated) Status Bar Icons to newer style
 (Rearranged) Storage Status Indicators ( USB2, USB1, MU, HDD )
 (Removed) Unnecessary Artwork from 
 (Updated) Minimum Fan Speed to be 65% instead of 45%
 (Added) Randomized Credit Scroller to About Scene (to help the seeing impaired)
 (Fixed) Screenshot List Display
 (Updated) Default Screenshot Downloads to 5 instead of 15
 (Updated) FSD Logo in About
 (Added) Darkening Effect in About Scene 
 (Fixed) Button Press on About Scene Loading Weather 
 (Updated) About Scene with Team, Donors and Special Thanks
 (Changed) MU is removed from status bar and replaced with OnBoardMU:
 (Updated) Speed of CopyDVD
 (fixed) Memory leak in LaunchData
 (Fixed) Copying Files when nothing is selected
 (Added) Update PingPatch offset locations 
 (Added) Plugin State for Plugin Tab 
 (Fixed) Title Updates. Its very different now.
 (Fixed) Added failure notification to transfers
 (Fixed) Weather with spaces, and weather without City and State / Country.
 (Fixed) Updated weather. Using Google API now.
 (Added) Media ID to HTTP
 (Removed) File Exist Check from Content Loading to speed up loading 
 (Added) SMB fixes from Node21
 (Updated) Content Scanner to ignore DLC and AVATAR props 
 (FIX) Samba server no longer stops being operational after you don't use it for a short period of time.
 (Added) TrinityMount for FSD 2.0
 (Added) Slim fan speed for FSD 2.0
 (Added) File process speed update for FSD 2.0