XBtool Color BIOS Preset Maker 1.0b (first release)

With this little utility you can now finally SEE what your
color mods will look like without having to blindly go
through the pain of flashing just to see if it looks cool
or looks like shit :) The presets generated are for use
only with XBtool, and must be placed in the "Presets" dir
to be applied to the BIOS of your choice. 

XBtool Color BIOS Preset Maker requires an active Internet
connection in order to deliver your generated preset
files. In future versions, you will be prompted before
saving if you wish to add your preset file to an online
database of presets hosted by AllXBoxSkins.com. A preview
thumbnail of your BIOS colors will automatically be
generated and added to AXS if you choose to share it with

Comes in both Windows and Mac flavors for your OS of

XBtool can be downloaded from

Enjoy! MomDad @ #xbins-chat EFNet