360 Content Manager for JTAG & RGH 360s. Created by xamphear.

What This App Does:
* Browse 360 files on your PC by their real info, like game name and package

* Upload files (XBLA, DLC, GOD, Avatar, Title Update) to your console over FTP
with a single click. Files are automatically uploaded to the right folders.

* Drag and drop files to other applications, if you'd prefer to use your own
FTP client.

* Organize a messy folder of downloaded content into 1 of many different
directory styles. Restore the original filenames for XBLA and DLC files.

* View the MediaID of Title Updates and GODs so you can match them, and search
JQE and XBUC for matching TUs.

* View the MediaID of ISO files. (Requires abgx360)

* View the MediaID of default.xex files.

Advanced/Beta Features:
* Scan the Content folder on your 360's HDD to a database so that while browsing
content on your PC you can see if it's already on your 360 or not, even if
your 360 is off.

* Browse the contents of your 360 directly, using Freestyle Dashboard's SMB
share technology.

Please see the About box for credits and thanks. This app owes a lot to other 
more talented 360 hackers.

* FTP Uploading works with all 360 homebrew packages: 
FSD, xm360, XeXMenu and the ftpdll Dash Launch plugin.

* If you get any error messages opening the program, install .NET 4.0:

Change Log:

1.0 - Initial Release.

1.1 - Bug fixes.

1.2 - Library scanning changed from FTP to SMB. FSD mounted drive support added.
Delete option for files. Column and groups for content type. Filter by
type in the filter box. Filter box no longer requires a refresh. Content
indexing optimized, should be much faster. Content organizer to sort 
local content into proper folders with optional folders for game name
and content type. Checkboxes added to list for easier selection of files.
Shell integration: Add access to the app when right-clicking any folder
in Windows Explorer. "All Files" progress bar added to upload form.
Right click menu added to folders. Correct size shown for GODs. Bug fixes.

1.3 - XeXMenu now supported for FTP uploads. FTP upload progress now shows real
time KBps speed of transfer. Visual queues for uploads and other multiple
file operations. FSD SMB functions hidden behind a "Beta Features" mode
to prevent confusion and to clearly mark them as potentially unstable
while the FSD SMB implementation matures. New DLL files so that MSVCR is
no longer required. Windows 7 taskbar progress during uploads. Warning
and error messages made much more informative and friendly. Minimize
upload window during long operations, with a taskbar notification when the
upload finishes. Tool-tip help icons in the settings. Content organizer
saves output folder between uses. Export a report of content files to a
CSV. Total queue progress bar more accurate. Bug fixes.

1.4 - Size column on upload screen. Fixed size labels on upload screen, all
sizes listed in MB now. Fixed bug in abgx360 detection. Fixed bug that
caused error messages when selecting files and uploading in some regions. 
More accurate speed during uploads. Time remaining and progress percentage
added to window title and tray icon. Other bug fixes.

1.5 - Content organizer now has 2 new folder options that include "PackageTitle"
for placing each DLC into a separate folder by name. Deleting GODs now
deletes the full game, not just the descriptor file. Fixed bug in saving
content organizer output path. Changed FTP timeouts to provide faster
feedback on bad settings. Other bug fixes.

1.6 - Support for ftpdll Dash Launch plugin. Patching/Unlocking of GOD files is
now enabled. Correct filesize shown for Xbox Originals and NXE Game
Installs. Xbox Originals made with ISO2GOD can now be uploaded. Limited
support for extracted ISO games: default.xex files can be loaded and their
TitleID and MediaID are displayed, allowing you to search for Title
Updates. Game demos are supported for upload. GOD uploads now display the
correct number of chunks when uploading multiple GODs in the same queue.
GODs, Xbox Originals, and NXE Game Installs can now be organized. Pressing
ESCAPE will stop an in-progress folder scan, if you accidentally trigger
one on a very large directory. Other bug fixes.

2.0 - New name. FTP "File Exists" dialog updated. FTP settings simplified. 
Prompt to enter FTP IP address upon first fun and subsequent runs if a 
valid IP hasn't been entered. Bug fixes.