BlueMSXBox BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox v6
"Lock free.. like it should be!"
"Always looking for new stuff rather than being satisfied with what is there"
goto for latest cheats, rumbles, synopsis and skin updates.

First off...  "You must have at least ONE rom for our emulator to work.  Really... how else are you gonna play you silly wabbit?".  :P

Special thanks....

X-port for porting a great collection of emu's over to the xbox, releasing the source code, and answering my stupid questions.
Atariage (Albert in particular) - For providing a place for me to ramble on. For encouragement in general.
Wimpy and Perr - For also providing a place for me to ramble and to make my goods available.  :)
RessurectionX for all that Xtra's stuff, synopsis, suggestions, etc.
Gilou9999 for a new HD skin, his PM3 skin, synopsis, suggestions, etc.
Bombbloke for converting the BlueMSX cheat codes to a format my code uses.
Bigby for working thru the tortuous process of doing Xtras for the MSX and noticing alot of longstanding issues with BlueMSXxbox.  May your legacy live.
Cbagy for providing 3d boxart templates for the MSX Xtras.
Xtras team for comments and suggestions especially concerning the new Dummy/Lockdown mode settings, and lock game screen options.
Comments of support from various interested parties.
If I missed anybody shoot me an email and I'll update this file.

*** Notes regarding The Xtras   ***

Gilou created a new HD skin for 720p users.  Check it out.

Sometimes starting or getting a game going can be confusing.  Here were my observations that might be helpful.

Alot of times pressing A will get a game going.  If that dont work try Y.  Some games prefer a function key be pressed to start.  Just bring up the onscreen keyboard and select that function key.

The numbers 1-4 are mapped to the right analog pad.  1 = RA up, 2 = RA left, 3 = RA right, 4 = RA down.  0 is mapped to white.

F1-F4 are mapped to holding left trigger and the right analog pad.  F1 = LT+RA Up, F2 = LT+RA Left, F3 = LT+RA Right, F4 = LT+RA down.  F5 is mapped to black.

There are some games where you have to hold either CTRL or SHIFT to load them.  Just hold down black for these games to work.  These games are noted in the compatibility spreadsheet and the games synopsis.

*** Changes To Bluemsx Core ***

* Emulator always remembers which Disks, Carts, and Tape are loaded on initial set-up.  That way if you do change any during gameplay it wont foobar startup when you go to play the game again.  Save states always remember the currently loaded drives anyways.  If you want to change the "initial set-up" just reconfigure the game (start by pressing X).

* Combined Change Disk, Cart, and Tape menus into one.  "Change/Rotate/View Disks, Carts, and Tapes".

* Fixed the problem with autoconfig not working for DB entries that contained more than one CRC.

* Boot Cart and Disk are no longer asked for in already configured games with a multifile zip.  If for some reason you want to change this just reconfigure the game (start by pressing X).

*** To Do For Bluemsx ***

* Find out why some translated games wont work.

* Some games (pinball) use the left shift key.  Find some way to map that key in the controller configuration screen.

* (considerations) no one ever reported back to me concerning overscan.  I was thinking of just adding in a "set overscan area" option.

*** Coming soon (or later) ***

* Multi language support.