Besides the Reset Glitch Hack there's another big announcement! 
Cancerous, [cOz], Ced2911,GliGli, RedLine99 and Tuxuser are proud to release today the first official version of XeLL-Reloaded (Codename 2Stages)
Here's a list of the major improvements
 Its divided in 2 stages
- 1st Stage initalizes the Hardware, uncompresses and executes 2nd Stage
- 2nd Stage (based on LibXenon) loads all required drivers and does the usual XeLL tasks
 XeLL is based on LibXenon now
 XeLL is running with all CPU cores activated
 Optimized CPU Usage
 TinyEHCI is used, delivers full USB 2.0 speed when acccessing mass storage media
 lwip network stack upgraded to v1.4 rc2 - It's faster
 It can access the DVD-drive via DMA now faster reading
 It's possible to reload into XeLL now when you are inside a LibXenon Application
 Refactored ELF Launching Code - shouldn't have issues when executed via XeLL-Launch
 New HTTP Webinterface
 Proper hardware init  shutdown (e.g. after XeLL Launch)
 Supports upgrading XeLL with a XeLL-2Stages binary from USB, named updxell.bin
 Infinite bootloop when looking for ELFs to execute
 Parses  decrypts keyvault (either with real or virtual CPUkey)

For now, there is still a little work to do on the nandflasher so this feature is disabled and a update will comes in the following weeks.
If you have a Jtag console, you can update XeLL with tuxuser's apps  XeLL Updater or LxNANDFlasher (Use at your own risks).