---- DefendguinX 1.0 ----
----   By: Neobomb   ----
---- www.EmuXtras.net ---
This is my initial Xbox port of Defendguin
by Bill Kendrick's New Breed Software


"Defendguin" is based loosely on William's classic 
arcade game, "Defender." Some recognizable stars in 
the realm of modern operating systems should be fairly 


A certain monopoly-owning bad guy has been cloned hundreds 
of times by an unknown alien race. They are now attacking 
earth, kidnapping little penguinoids and converting them 
into mutants. Helping them on their way are some other nasty 
alien ships, of which there are plenty...

                  -- GAME CONTROLS --
-In game-


Laser = user defined in options menu
bomb  = user defined in options menu

Clicking the RIGHT ANALOG STICK will
quit the game and return you to the
main menu.

-options menu-

DPAD/LEFT JOYSTICK = Cycle options
B = Back to main menu
Press A while on Screen Resize to resize screen

-screen resizer-

Left/Right Joystick = Screen movement and Stretching
Press A when done to return to options menu


*** Change Log V1.0 ***

- Added a ship select screen. You can now pick
  the red or the blue ship as player 1. Also
  added 3 extra ships that did not appear in the 
  original game. 

  * Viper MK1 Ship unlocks after beating level 11
  * Garbage truck fighter unlocks after beating the game.
  * Secret ship unlocks only if the correct code is entered 
    on the main screen.

  *ALL extra ships feature Linus Torvalds dancing at the end
   when you beat the game, just like the original ships. 

  *Also created unique dancing Linus Torvalds for the red ship,
   originally this shared the same sprites as the blue ship.  

- Added the same ship select screen for the 2 player game.
  Player 1 and 2 both choose their own ship. Both players 
  can be the blue ship if they want, or red, or any
  of the other ships (if they are unlocked) 

- Added screen resize, accessed through the options menu.

- Added graphical options menu. The original
  was all text based using a super small font
  the Xbox did not handle this well if you 
  re-sized the screen.

- Replaced the high-score font with TTF font on the
  main menu. This displays a lot better than the original. 

- Game auto-saves all data to the Xbox's HDD in the game-saves
  folder. That means you can burn this to a disk and play it 
  if you wanted to. Also you can unlock all the ships and 
  transfer your game-save to another Xbox. 

- Disabled P1 and P2 high-score display on main menu.
  This was causing some slowdown with the stars and random
  crashing. Might look into fixing it at a later time.


This code is also used by a blue hedgehog in his first adventure!


Lantus for porting SDL, Hyper_Eye for updating it, and Bill Kendrick for making the original game.

Thanks to all the staff at EmuXtras.Net for sticking around and keeping the site active, as well as the ever growing user-base we have there.