Final Burn Legends 1.4

This is an update to Final Burn Legends originally ported by nes6502.
Many core components have been updated to the latest PC version of FBA 
and it also uses elements from FBANext by lantus and code from the
skilled community over at the Neosource forums. Many new ROMsets have
been added and several games are now working that either didn't before
or had issues that are now fixed. In addition, this release contains
Xbox-optimised PGM drivers by iq_132. Updated DATs are included in the 
tools/ folder. If you have any questions or comments or would like to
help support the continuation of this project then visit the forum at:

Please see notes at the bottom of the change log for installation and
other important information.


+ T +


Whats New:

- PGM games added: (by iq_132)

Ketsui Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label
Oriental Legend Special Plus
Knights of Valour Superheroes

- PGM games now working: (by iq_132)

Oriental Legend
Oriental Legend Super
The Killing Blade
Knights of Valour
Real and Fake / Photo Y2K

- Simple 156 games added: (by iq_132)

Chain Reaction
Charlie Ninja
Joe & Mac Returns
Party Time: Gonta the Diver II / Ganbare! Gonta!! 2

Galeco games added: (by iq_132)

Thunder Hoop

Galeco games now working: (by iq_132)

Biomechanical Toy
Maniac Square (prototype)

- Seta 2 games now working: (by kenshiro)

Guardians / Denjin Makai II
Mobile Suit Gundam EX Revue
Deer Hunting
Turkey Hunting USA
Wakakusamonogatari Mahjong Yonshimai
Trophy Hunting - Bear & Moose
Wing Shooting Championship
Mahjong G-Taste
Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2
Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus

- Other Games Added:

Alien Sector
Angel Kids
Asuka & Asuka
Bonze Adventure
Bouncing Balls
Cosmic Avenger
Dark Tower
Dragon Buster
Egg Hunt
Fire Shark
Ginga NinkyouDen
Haunted Castle
Knuckle Bash 2
Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari
Marine Boy
Maze of Flott
Miyasu Nonki no Quiz 18-Kin
Mogura Desse
Onna Sansirou - Typhoon Gal
Rally Bike / Dash Yarou
Sky Army
Sky Kid
Snap Jack
Space Position
Space Raider
Speed Spin
Success Joe
Tetris (D.R. Korea)
The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea
U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker
Varia Metal
Victorious Nine
WOW New Fantasia

- Other Games Now Working:

Blood Bros.
Sky Smasher
Tiger Heli
Lady Bug
Mazinger Z
Ultra Balloon

- Also many updated sets and new clones of existing sets added.

- Game Fixes:

Mogura - input fixed.
Double Dragon - speed fixed.
Power Instinct - speed fixed.
F-1 Dream - graphics fixed.
Gun.Smoke - speed fixed.
S.P.Y. - speed fixed.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 4-player input fixed.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - 4-player input fixed.
Ultraman - speed fixed.
Hexion - dipswitches fixed.
Metal Slug 5 - parent set fixed.
Crime Fighters - input fixed.
Dynasty Warriors - input fixed.
Bullet - input fixed (right stick to shoot)
D-Con - input fixed
SD Gundam Psycho Salamander - input fixed
Last Mission - graphics fixed
Heavyweight Champ - input fixed
Mars - input fixed (right stick to shoot)

- Screen rotation angle fixed. (thanks to Neo369 & PhilExile)

- Hardware filter bug fixed.

- Dipswitch and input updates for several games (by BisonSAS)

- Screen size default can now be set in main video options. 
Individual game sizes will override this and can still be set in the 
in-game menu as before. (see note below)

- Preset screen sizes for the Darius, Ninja Warriors, and Pac-man games.
(The super-wide games should look pretty perfect on a 16:9 TV now)

- Widescreen Fix option for 4:3 display on 16:9 screen.

- Cabinet marquees can now be displayed on the ROM browser screen.

- Option to toggle video preview sound.

- New default skin, Blue Fire Arcade. (by Neil222)

- White screen issue with image viewer is fixed in default skin. (by Neil222)

- Screenshots and marquees are available to download in a separate
'FBL Extras' package. I STRONGLY recommend downloading this as it improves
the look and feel of the interface immensely.


- This is NOT an upgrade install and a clean installation is highly
recommended. If you simply try to copy the files over an earlier version 
you will most likely experience problems. Game specific configs and other
support files can easily be copied across from a previous installation.
Please only report issues if you are running a clean install.

- When setting the default screen size using the new feature it's 
important to keep in mind that vertical games will rotate your settings by 
90 degrees, so the horizontal width will become the vertical height when 
rotated etc. Just play with the settings until you find a happy medium.

- A good note from the original author is worth repeating: 
RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release 
the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should 
be able to improve the code whenever current development stops.

Many thanks to:
- nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA.
- iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions.
- kenshiro for his updated drivers and fixes.
- The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes.
- lantus for FBANext
- Treble Winner for the updated FBA
- Neil222 for his help and the new default skin.
- Neo369 and PhilExile for the rotation fix.
- Special thanks to neoryu for his testing and support.
- And to Alinky for her HDTV and patience.