Australian Game Mods are proud to bring to you: The AGM Temperature Logging Plugin!

What is it?:

It is a 'Dashlaunch' Plugin for JTAG/devbox 360's that simply allows you to monitor your temperatures whilst doing anything else! eg; Playing Games etc..


Because JTAG's are a precious resource that should be protected! (Amongst other things)

HOW does it Work?:

Currently you need to manually add the command to your launch.ini, check out the sample

Sample usage:

plugin1 = HDD:\TemperatureDump.xex

That will refrence Temperaturedump.ini

The .ini should look something like this: 


TickInterval = 30000
LogPath = Hdd1:\TemperatureLog.txt

30000 is the number of miliseconds between logging,don't go too low, allthough we have done 1 second and less, it's not sustainable.Logpath is self-explanitory Sample files included, the .ini should be in the same folder as the temperaturedump.xex (which should both really be on the root along with your launch.ini) The temperaturedumplauncher.xex is for launching the tempertauredump.xex WITHOUT a dashlaunch plugin, it is fo DEVBOXES ONLY, I don't think it does anything on JTAGs.

Usable devices:


I believe hdd: will work also 

A basic sample launch.ini is included
Logs are viewable with the logview and any spreadsheet app. NOW GET LOGGING PEOPLE! AND I WANT TO SEE GRAPHS AND LOTS OF THEM!!!! :P

BIG THANKS GO TO: Antman, Danthaman,Node21, Jas, Muzz and GScomps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was orginally developed for a heatsink promo, but the company that makes them has ripped-off the desginer. So we cannot promote them and we suggest you don't buy the heatsinks anymore anyway, as you will see: Cutting-out the fan grill+Aftermarket Fans will give almost the same decrease in temp. Just cutting-out the back(fan-grill) gives you the largest drop! .. But don't take my word for it! GET OUT THERE AND GET LOGGING!!! :P