XeLL Updater for freeBOOT - v1.2
for Kernel 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146 and 13599
Based on dashlaunch installer by cOz

This little tool is needed to update XeLL in Flash/NAND properly. The freeBOOT/fbBuild Rebooter has a different
layout compared to XBR or pure-XeLL images so the XeLL binary isn't at the beginning of a NAND Block anymore.

Using the old updslot0/updslot1-Method (which worked on XBR and XeLL Images just fine) you would render your 
freeBOOT console non-booting (until you reflash it externally of course).

This application however works for freeBOOT/fbBuild :) It reads the specific part of the NAND, injects 
the XeLL binary and writes the blocks back.

Use it on Single-NAND freeBOOT only (9199, 12611, 12625, 13146 and 13599).

How to use?

1. Rename xell-2f.bin to updxell.bin and stuff it together with the default.xex on your xbox.
2. Execute the XEX and confirm the update.
3. Shutdown your XBOX, press eject to power on and you will be greeted with an updated XeLL :P

/!\ As every other tool that modifies NAND: Use it at your own risk /!\

Greetz to cOz (and his strong nerves ;D), Cancerous, Redline99, GliGli, Ced2911, Razkar, Nathan and the whole team :)

21.07.2011 / tuxuser