Duke3d X V0.90 Alpha

Yes this release is an alpha, there *are* bugs but overall its fully playable.


- This xbe is a debug build - retail build should have much improved framerates.
- Only tested on Duke 3D Atomic edition GRP file. So use that otherwise your on your own.


Left Analog 		- Up/Down/Strafe
Right Analog 		- Aim Up/Down
Right Analog & Thumb 	- Look Up/Down
Right Trigger 		- Shoot
White 			- Change Weapon
Black 			- Map
A			- Activate
B 			- Toggle Run
DPad Left 		- Inventory Left
DPad Right 		- Inventory Right
Start			- Use current item


- Duke sometimes loses his voice :(
- Duke's speech sometimes is the wrong pitch :(
- The intro video before The Birth episode will crash your Xbox. Just skip push a button to skip it.
- When loading a previous saved game , the 'preview' image sometimes disappears
- No inverted look as yet.