This is my port of Madbomber by
Bill Kendrick to the Xbox . I started
to port this over just to learn SDL a
little better but I ended up doing a lot
to it so its more Xbox friendly. 

*** About The Game *** 

Based on the Atari 2600 game "Kaboom!" by Activision. 
The Mad Bomber is on the loose, dropping bombs all 
across the screen. Use your buckets to catch them. 
If they hit the ground, they explode, and you lose 
one of your buckets. Lose all three, and the game ends. 
One or two player.

In August 2007, Mad Bomber was one of first the games 
included in 'Red', the touchscreen-and-controller-based
in-flight entertainment system found in Virgin America 
Airlines planes!


-In game

A = Starts the game/level

-options menu

DPAD = Cycle options
RIGHT TRIGGER = Screen Resize

For anyone who wanted to know what all I changed/added
also you could browse the source code, but be warned its
most likely not anything you want to use in your code, 
a lot of hack jobs :P

*** Change Log V1.0 ***

- Joystick support

- Joystick switches between P1 and P2
  in 2 player mode. So no need to share 
  1 controller.

- In 2 player versus the bombers joystick
  has a slow and fast area depending how 
  far over you push it, I thought this was
  better than having 4 buttons for movement.

- Users can enter their name on the high score 
  screen using the Xbox controller now. Cycle through 
  letters with D-Pad, select with A. If in 2 player
  mode the player with the high score will be the one
  able to enter their name.

- In game screen resize added, access by going to
  the options menu and pressing the RIGHT TRIGGER
  this resize will also pop up the very first time
  you play the game. 

- Semi auto save/load fixed. This was already a feature 
  of the game but it didn't work on Xbox. I set it 
  up so that when you press OK in the options menu
  it saves you setting, when you load the game next
  it will load those settings. The same for all names
  and high scores. If you delete the file for some 
  reason the game will replace it with a default one
  next time you launch.

- 720p added, makes things a bit more crisp, but
  in some ways that isn't a good thing. 720 can be
  turned on in the madbomber.dat 

- All new menu graphics and logo too. This is mostly
  because I was bored, the original graphics were nice


Hyper_Eye, freakdave, MadMab, Lantus for porting SDL, and Bill Kendrick for making 
the game ... Hyper_Eye helped me with a lot of stuff...
C/C++, SDL, his OdameX source for Xbox is really well written
and perfect for learning a thing or two in regards to the Xbox, also 
I used his updated SDL in this port. Freakdave's source for Binax 2 
helped me a lot with SDL as well, a lot of nice real world examples 
in regard to joystick support. I'm pretty sure I bugged Madmab about
something at some point! 

Also thanks to the whole Xbox Scene, EmuXtras and all Xbox1 related sites for
keeping the spirit alive! Hopefully I can get some bigger ports done in the