XeLL Updater for freeBOOT - v1
This little application, based on cOz' dashlaunch
installer, allows you to update the Xenon Linux
Loader (XeLL) in the NAND-Flash of your JTAG Xbox360 
running freeBOOT.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Use it on Single NAND-freeBOOT only (9199, 12611,
12625 or above - if nothing on the flash layout changes!).
Rename xell-2f.bin to updxell.bin and stuff it 
together with the default.xex on your xbox.
Execute the XEX, Confirm the update.
Shutdown your XBOX, press eject to poweron and  you
will be greeted with an updated XeLL :P
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetz to cOz, Cancerous, Redline99, GliGli and Ced2911 :)
17.04.2011 / tuxuser