Build 1.3 (12-04-2011)

* Custom Soundtrack support - select a song/album/playlist from the XMB
Music category - music can be played both in-game and from within the menu.

* Added USB/Bluetooth headset support - sound gets output through the

* Added 'Custom Scaling / Dual Shader' options from SNES9x PS3 - all the same features as SNES9x PS3 now - shader presets, custom scaling, dual shaders,
triple buffering, etc, throttle mode.

* Upgraded to Genesis Plus GX 1.5.0. 

* Added Genesis FM/PSG volume level settings. 

* Added Sega Master System mode - it's now possible to play Sega Master System
games - this makes use of the Mega Drive add-on 'Power Base Converter', which
was recently added to Genesis Plus GX.

* Fix: Two-players should work now 

* Fix: Virtua Racing works now 

* Fix: Truxton works now 

* Fix: SRAM loading/saving should work properly now 

* Fix: some filebrowser fixes and some additions - press Start to return to the
root of the filesystem