IrisManager v1.2

At the moment, no doc here, please use readme_hmanager.txt 

CHANGELOG - IrisManager:
 v1.2 - r57 (commit - 4786f42849ff4110ef07903038c6c696a6a9e204)
    + game Opt - Support for external EBOOTS activated (dev_usb/ps3game/BLESxxxxx.BIN)
    + Game Opt - Removed Perms option (We dont need this on 3.55)
    + Game Opt - New option to mark BDVD required games.

    + Interface - Support for left analog stick (thx Drizztz)
    + Interface - Support for change page with L1/R1 (suggest by orma)
    + Interface - Minor font and color changes.

    + Cache Files - Added info of space saved before init the copy.
    + Minor bugs fixed from last 1.1

    + PKG - IrisManager PKG for Geohot/Wutangrza CFW (thx Drizztz)
    + Drizztz joined as collaborator.

 v1.1 - r45 (commit - df389105f8f02c264e560207f30d8a4b2f3da43c)
    + Added Suport for more Big Files (ported from hmanager 1.5)
    + Added Suport for game instalation (GAMEI) on USB (ported from hmanager 1.5)
      Not working with instalation game up to 4gb (usb-fat32)
    + Added a "no music" option :P
    + New interface (thx deadroach for help and the mockup)
    + New icons (thx Drizztz)
    + New font: comfortaa

 v1.0 - r38 (commit - 9958fa2644c63e62546efd0601f2e55f352e81f8)
    + Added Suport for Syscall 8
    + Added Suport for Big Files + New Payload and Hook
    + Now the project is renamed to IrisManager.
    + Disabled support of CFW Wanin (abandoned by his autor)

 v1.3a - 3.55 r21 (commit - 28a666751a4d055fa9ae42746c4bed75d1a4ab57)
    + Time left and total size is displayed when you make copy to another device.
    + You can't change the options not avaible on 3.55
    + tiny3d lib updated, fixed some crashes.
    + Code updated to 1.4 but you can NOT use his new features atm (+4GB big files)

 v1.3 - 3.55 r14
    + Updated to HManager 1.3

 v1.2 - 3.55 r12 (NOT RELEASED)
    + Converted BD-Emu to 3.55
    + Updated to HManager 1.2

 v1.1F - 3.55 r9
    + Fixed Waninkoko v2 detection (3.55)
    + Added LV2 Patcher (syscall36)
    + Updated to HManager 1.1F

 v1.0 - 3.55 beta 1
    + LV2 Patch is not integrate into the code but detection is working atm.
    + Includes a complete diff (other managers should start to do the same)
    + 3.55 stealth version use ID of Lemmings Demo (NPUA80034) 
    + The other version use the official ID of hermes (HMANAGER4)

 * Note some developers with close source projects that does not respect the GPL
 * If you benefit from this code, then you SHOULD contribute back.
 * And it is very clear how I expect you to contribute back - by providing full
 * access to the COMPLETE system which is using my code. At the core of GPL, the
 * intention is that someone else should be able to make modifications to such a
 * system and build other things from it.
 * No source? Syscall8 and new hook is not welcomed in your disturbing projects.
 * I am not interested in any line from your source, but scene play together... 

Algesat, Crescencio, dark_on_5, Jericho_Delgado, junno, Mincho, morogoku, patitomx, Xulofuenla...

Hermes ftw
Kmeaw + drizzt (syscall36)
dark_on_5 great logo
& PS3 scene :)

Music from under Mod Archive Distribution license and Creative Commons license - see licenses

I made this work, just for fun. enjoy!
D_Skywalk (2011) -