Second release from team Jippie & Novahux(23-06-03).

The rules for connect-four are simple. 
The game is played on an upright seven column board. Each column has six spots. Two players play by alternately dropping a chip down one of the columns. The chip drops to the lowest unoccupied spot in that column. The first player to get four chips in a row, either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, wins. The game ends in a stalemate if it fills before someone wins. 

Still no sound, having real problems. I want to try and make a class that can play wma/wav/midi/sgt files.
That works on both PC and Xbox, but what I see the PC & Xbox seem to be very different.
I found a simple class that does just that at code project(,
But I wasted a lot of time on it and got nowhere.

Oh well I hope I sort it out soon :-(

Games on the way....

Boxes - check the website, as this one is next maybe(having problem with AI)
Chess - nothing complex, just a simple version.
Othello - same.
After these I hope to start getting more in to 3D. It's just I like to program and these games can be reproduced quicky when life/work gives me the time to do it....

This site goes down a lot by the look of things. Keep trying I like to hear from others.

BTW Novahux has just updated the site looks pretty cool now :-)


Jippie & Novahux