PS3 Game List change-log and features:

*** Edit 2 ***
- Allows further PARAM.SFO editing (video resolution and audio format);
- Remembers game folder location and language settings;
- Fixed crash while loading malformed PARAM.SFO.

*** Edit ***
- Downloads all updates for a selected game instead of the latest one only;
- Fixed column order issue.

- Allows PARAM.SFO editing (game title and firmware version);
- Allows directory renaming;
- Allows game directory browsing (through an external explorer.exe call);
- Lists available game updates (version and size);
- Downloads game updates;
- Fixed minor translation issues.

- Makes use of multiple threads to load game info faster;
- Lists game title, id, firmware version, size, boot status, game path, and creation date from any directory;
- Displays game's avatar and background image;
- Allows game list to be exported to a text file;
- Language support: English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.