Freestyle Dash rc1.8 (xex R2279, skin R2279) changelog
================================================== ====
(Added) TitleUpdates progress shown in Status Bar
(Fixed) Title Bar Disappearing after screenshots in FSD Flow Gamelist Visual
(Added) GameList Counter to FSD Flow Game List Visual Style
(Added) Advanced Mode File Manager ( adds/removes HDDX, FLASH, SYSEXT )
(Fixed) Duplicate Screenshots for some games.
(Added) Ability to hide a game from your game list
(Added) Ability to dump data from FSD in http server
(Fixed) TUs not activating or deactivating.
(Updated) Copy DVD Focus Bug to reset focus to Back Button instead of FocusKeeper Button- FocusKeeper button no longer required.
(Fixed) SMB Credentials Focus Loss Bug
(Fixed) Crash when visiting the "Meet the Team" scene without the Avatar Update Installed
(Fixed) Profile Freezing Bug
(Fixed) Focus Loss in Screenshots Scene
(Fixed) Focus Loss in Achievements Scene
(Fixed) Crash when deleting two games in a row without adjusting selection
(Fixed) DeviceIDs are now stored as TEXT instead of STRING
[Added] first pass at complete implementation of samba server
(Updated) Fixed default type setting for weather icons
(Fixed) Reset Skin Data option is not available if skin is not .xzp
(Fixed) Disc Count in Database
(Added) File type for weather images setting to skin.xml

********************************* NOTICE *********************************
MultiDisc plugin is included but requires you to clear your data and rescan all content.
Also be sure to disable the DashLaunch plugin to avoid conflicts.
NOTE: This will not work with Containers. To disable the plugin remove the Plugins dir from FSD.
********************************* NOTICE *********************************