[Xbox] FBANext Beta 2.2 Release
Whats New?

- Added video previews. The format must be wmv and be placed under GAME:\Videos. The filename is <romname>.wmv. For example mslug4.wmv. Note : clone roms will display the video of parent roms. Also, due to the large size of the preview videos, you will need to either find or create your own. We have created a sample of 50 video files. Download at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18514348/fbanext_videos.7z

- Added 'Arcade Stick Setting' option.
- Added number of found roms in the Rom Browser.
- Fixed minor skin issues.
- working d_raider driver
- NEC CPU Big endian fixes
- Core - fixed space harrier inverted control issue
- Fixed Ghost n Golbins audio
- Core - default nFMInterpolation to 1 rather than 3.
- Core - d_gradius3 working
- Fixed Pang! audio issue.
- Core - fixed d_gunsmoke driver
- Core - fixed endian issue in d_blockout
- Core - working sound on d_tnzs
- no longer reset d3d each time a rom loads
- added proper rom auditing
- displays detailed error message if rom doesnt load
- Core - fixed endian issue in d_blockout
- Core - fixed sound issue in d_mitchell
- Core - fixed sound in d_powerins
- merged in IQ_132s PGM WIP code
- Core - fixed graphics issue in drgw2
- Can now specify multiple rom paths inside fba360.xml file
- USB0: USB1: USB2: Hdd1: Memunit0: Memunit1: Dvd: can now be used as rom paths